Anna Duggar: Proud Like Any Other Mom

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Anna’s Proud Like Any Other Mom

Anna Duggar posted a couple of photos of her boys Michael and Marcus playing as any other proud mom would do. She’s clearly proud of her boys and their creativity. But the to-do of the gossips just can’t leave her alone. Can’t people just enjoy seeing these precious children?  When many women would throw in the towel on their marriage, sweet Anna has chosen to stay and make her marriage work. It’s entirely possible to retrieve a marriage after adultery and have it prosper. Anna has that strength of character that endures and overcomes adversity. She’s the sort that America was made of. The naysayers need to get over it. In addition, they need to stop with the accusations that Josh would molest his own children.  Josh once “felt up” his younger sisters while they were sleeping as a young teen. They didn’t know, and he ‘fessed up out of his own conscience. That’s not the mark of a pedophile, when one is a child, but a curious kid. Let it go.

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Be glad that we get to see Anna and Josh’s beautiful children.


by Helena Handbasket

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