MTV: Surprise! Challenge Co-Stars Co-Parenting!

Fans of the hit MTV show “The Challenge” got a like surprise today when co-stars Cory Whartonand Cheyenne Floyd revealed on instagram that they are co-parentinh of 9-month-old daughter Ryder. Cheyenne announced her pregnancy in October 2016 and while she documented her pregnancy on her instagram, she never revealed who the father was. Cheyenne gave […]

Big Brother: Jess & Cody Still Going Strong

  Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson became household names during season 19 of “Big Brother”. Some fans adored the, while others absolutely hated them. Whether you loved them or hated them, get ready for “Jody” to grace your TV sceens once again starting January 3rd on “The Amazing Race”. “Amazing Race” has officially wrapped and […]

The Bachelor: Rachel & Bryan’s Reaction to Peter Kraus Not Being The Next Bachelor!

Lauren Zima, from ET, did an exclusive interview with Rachel and Bryan, where the couple reacted to Peter Kraus not being the next Bachelor. Rachel confessed to Lauren: “I had the same reaction of the announcement when Nick was announced. ‘Who?’ Because I didn’t watch the show! I didn’t know who Arie was, but…I’ve seen […]

Bachelor Nation: Who Is Dating Wells?!

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland wore a couple costume over Halloween weekend so according to the internet that can only mean one thing: they are dating. The 2 of them posted a photo of their Halloween costume to Instagram. Wells and Sarah haven’t confirmed anything publicly about a potential romance, but an inside source told […]

Bachelor Nation: Out Of The Last Three Years Of Proposals, How Many Realtionships Have Lasted?!

Over the last 3 years Bachelor Nation has seen many proposals, but how many of those proposals have actually turned into anything serious? The answer: not many. Let’s start with the most recent and work backwards from there. 1. Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Status: Still together! Before her season began airing, Rachel revealed that […]

“Big Brother 19” News: Julie on Bullying On Big Brother; How Far Is Too Far?!

Bullying. It’s been an issue in The Big Brother house this summer. Fans have seen some pretty nasty stuff this season but it hasn’t been enough for production to step in. Julie Chen talked about its bullying issues on The Talk. The statement revealed that the show is not going to step in until they […]

“The Bachelor”: What In The World Going On With Nick & Vanessa?!

has come forward and said Nick and Vanessa are fighting often. “It’s not a solid relationship, and it won’t last.” Nick and Vanessa got engaged on season 21 of The Bachelor, despite jealousy issues and arguing over which country they should live in. Vanessa eventually decided to leave her job and family to move to […]

“Big Brother 19 Spoilers”: #BB19 Alliances Already?!?!

Alliances have always been a major part of Big Brother. Ever since Dr. Will and Boogie dubbed themselves ‘Chilltown’ in Season 2, it’s become expected that everyone come up with a catchy label to describe their team. Over the years, this has provided some seriously mixed results, giving us the good: The Brigade, The Hitmen, […]