Anna Duggar: Proud Like Any Other Mom

Anna’s Proud Like Any Other Mom Anna Duggar posted a couple of photos of her boys Michael and Marcus playing as any other proud mom would do. She’s clearly proud of her boys and their creativity. But the to-do of the gossips just can’t leave her alone. Can’t people just enjoy seeing these precious children?  […]

Duggar Gossip Galore Gone Wrong!

They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips… Romans 1:29 It seems too often many attempt to paint the Duggars and the Bates families as some sort of strange cultists who think out of wedlock pregnancy, promiscuity, […]

Duggars: When You Can’t Think of Anything Else to Say, Talk About Someone’s Appearance

When you run out of things to say, talk about someone’s appearance. I guess people have run out of things to say about the Duggar family. Which sister does Johannah look most like? She looks like Johannah. And where is baby Israel since Johannah is holding Samuel? We haven’t seen a picture in a couple […]

Duggar Daters Do Not Disrespect Dad!

Much crazy surmising that Josiah Duggar, who is now in a courtship with Lauren Swanson, has broken those dating rules that are dictated by Duggar dad, Jim Bob. It just isn’t so. First, Jim Bob does not set the courtship rules. The couples, who are adults set their own rules. The intent of Duggar courtships […]

Jim Bob Duggar’s Wedding Ring Thing!

Everyone looking for inconsistencies in Duggar behavior as compared to what everyone “thinks” Christians believe has led to looking at such minutiae as what sort of wedding ring Jim Bob is wearing these days. Could it be a tattoo? Nope. Here’s another view, where Jim Bob is wearing a dark colored ring, as opposed to […]

“TLC”: You Can’t Fire Me…I Quit!

Derick Dillard reports that he did not get fired by TLC but rather that he quit. He explains that he plans to take his family in a different direction, away from “Counting On”. His family has for now, ceased foreign missions in Guatemala and is remaining stateside while he continues his education. Derick has a […]

Of Course the Duggars Were at Tori Bates’ Wedding

Why in the world would anyone think that the Duggar family would not be at Tori Bates’ wedding to Bobby Smith. These two families are long time friends, especially since both families have 19 children of the same two parents. If you were paying attention, you might have noticed Bates and Duggars at the weddings […]

Joy’s Baby Bump Gives Joy and Austin Joy!

Joy and Austin married on May 26th, 2017 in the same church where Jim Bob and Michelle and Derick and Jill were married. Ben and Jessa were wed at First Baptist Church in Bentonville, Arkansas. Joy and Austin have announced they are expecting and looking forward to being parents. Counting nine months gives Joy a […]

Duggars Do Don Dungarees, and Other Liberal Leanings

Let’s begin with some definitions. Are we using the word conservative in the political sense, where a limited government allows for maximum individual freedom and liberal, where a government intervenes in every aspect of a person’s life? I don’t think we are talking politics here. The Duggar clan strives to exemplify Biblical Christian living. They […]

Joy Anna Duggar Baby Gender Shotgun Wedding Rumors

What Shotgun? The ridiculous lengths people go to in efforts to discredit the Duggars have “gone ballistic.” No shotgun was employed to get Austin Forsyth to marry his beloved JoyAnna Duggar. No, she was not pregnant when she walked down the aisle on her proud father’s arm. Yes, she likely got pregnant right away. When […]