**SPOILERS** SCREAMING and FIGHTING at the “Little Women: Dallas” Reunion!

After an intense season of “Little Women: Dallas”, it’s FINALLY time for everyone’s favorite part of the season—the reunion! Tiffany Chance and Emily Fernandez have been at each other’s throats all season long, but now things get REAL physical when the two are seated next to each other at the reunion (BIG MISTAKE)!   TMZ […]

Emily Fernandez Has a NEW Boyfriend!

Emily Fernandez is moving on with a brand new boyfriend and guess what? He’s a rapper! According to TMZ, “Emily’s dating Dallas rapper Dreadz 448. They’ve been together for 4 months.” The site also reported they even collaborated on a track called “Lifetime” and the video just dropped TODAY! Check it out here: The site […]

Mariah Huq Addresses Her “Married to Medicine” Absence and Which of the Ladies is EVIL!

Mariah Huq has been a HUGE part of Married to Medicine before the show even began. Even though they don’t acknowledge it a lot, Mariah is the creator and executive producer of the series and has been a major part of making the show what it is today. It’s been very obvious that Mariah has […]

Bri Barlup Reveals Baby’s Father At “Little Women: Dallas” Reunion Taping!

When Bri Barlup revealed she was pregnant with her second child back in October, everyone was super skeptical on who the unborn child’s Father actually was. Since her ex-boyfriend and first child’s Father (Wooda) broke up with Bri and left her to do his own thing… fans were unsure if he was actually the Father […]

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Fernandez Gives Us Her Side of ALL The Dallas Drama!

Emily Fernandez, from “Little Women: Dallas” has been through SO much since we first met her on “Little Women: Atlanta”. She allowed viewers into her very personal life when she lost a very precious child shortly after he was born. She has also gone through troubles in her relationship and has had A LOT of […]

‘Little Women: Dallas’ Star Bri Barlup Reportedly Pregnant Again!

Bri Barlup has been through SO much since she first appeared on our TV’s on the first season of Little Women: Atlanta. Once she left the Atlanta ladies to go back home to Dallas with her BFF Emily, things got even crazier for Bri and her son Malik (AKA Meek). Her child’s Father Wooda publicly […]

EXCLUSIVE: Bri Barlup Talks New Career, Heartbreaking Moments, and Her Love Life!

Bri Barlup has been through a lot during her time on both Little Women: Atlanta and Little Women: Dallas. We have seen her go from the twerk queen of Atlanta to a very mature young Mother raising an ADORABLE son. This season has already been difficult for Bri as her child’s Father and ex-boyfriend Wooda […]

EXCLUSIVE: Asta Young Talks Emotional New Season of “Little Women: Dallas”

Emotional Season! Asta Young always brings the fun and the laughs to Little Women: Dallas, but this season we are already seeing an entirely different side to each of the ladies. Asta’s small, but she’s very tough and won’t let anyone stop her from achieving her dreams. We sat down with Asta to discuss the […]