**Spoiler Alert** Here’s The Scoop on 90 Day Fiance~ Molly and Luis

First, before you read this article, there’s a spoiler alert at the end! Georgian Lingerie entrepreneur Molly Hopkins and younger daughter Kensley’s father split up around October 2014. Molly assumed full custody of Kensley and kept the house too. Kensley’s dad helped Molly financially but last year the financial help wasn’t so often as it […]

“90 Day Fiance”: The Love Story of Evelyn and David

Evelyn and David met online, she’s 18 and David is 27. David is from Spain and Evelyn is from Claremont, New Hampshire. They fell in love and had a long distance relationship. David flew from Spain to marry Evelyn, to keep themselves from temptation David is living at Evelyn’s Pastors house in a tiny apartment. […]

Duggar Sisters Lose Lawsuits Against In Touch Weekly Magazine

Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy, lost their lawsuit against Bauer Publishing (the parent company of In Touch Weekly). The lawsuit was because In Touch Weekly published the story about the girls’ brother, Josh, molesting them. The girls said the documents shouldn’t have been published with their names so the public wouldn’t know their identities. I […]

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Being Pressured to Have a Baby by Family?!

As we all know the Duggars don’t believe in using contraceptives,that children are a gift, a blessing from God. While I believe children are a blessing and a gift from God…maybe it will happen in God’s time, not the Duggars. Jinger and Jeremy are living their lives their way (which I see nothing wrong with). […]

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Vuolo Announce They are Are Helping Children With Incarcerated Parents

Jeremy and his wife Jinger are a wonderful Christian couple. As many of us know they are almost always in the headlines! Jinger because her husband Jeremy (which is a Pastor I might add), allows Jinger to wear pants, shorts, high heels…which she even wore while living at home. Not the pants and shorts but […]