Star Wars Gets the Royal Treatment

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is reportedly featuring some special guest stars. Prince William and Prince Harry are set to play original First Order Stormtroopers. They will don the famous masks and body armor. Last year the royal pair were photographed on the movie set during a tour and many speculated they would be included […]

“Teen Mom 2”: A Desperate Cry For Help

“Teen Mom 2” Adam Lind is spiraling out of control. Recently he’s been reported as having domestic violence issues on top of his alleged drug abuse. Now his former girlfriend of 3 years, Stasia Huber, has submitted an application for a protective order. In the protective order Stasia is alleging Adam is suicidal and has […]

“Teen Mom 2”: Javi and Brianna Enjoy Romantic Weekend and Share Sexy Video!

Javi Marroquin of Teen Mom 2 fame is really heating up with his next teen mom. It has been rumored that he and Brianna Dejesus, of Teen Mom 2 as well, have been dating although she has not confirmed their relationship. This weekend Javi was in Florida with “bae” and he posted a video of […]

Kardashian-Jenner Crew Adds YET Another Baby!!!

For the last few weeks, there have been baby announcements from all of the Kardashian/Jenner women except one. Kendall Jenner is making waves about her baby. Kendall’s baby is her modeling career and she’s making decisions that are best for her and her baby. It is said that Kendall is ready to distance herself from […]

“Teen Mom 2”: Grandma Bab is Concerned About Other Grandson’s Welfare!

Barbara Evans, the mother of infamous Jenelle Eason (Evans), recently gave an interview to Radar Online with her concerns for Jenelle and grandson Kaiser. It’s no secret that Barb has had an even more tumultuous relationship with Jenelle since the beginning of Jenelle’s romance with current husband David. Barb told radar that she fears for […]

Fresh Blood! MTV Gives a Breath of Fresh Air to the Teen Mom Franchise!

MTV takes us back across the pond to catch up with Megan, Mia, Chloe, Amber, and newcomer Sassi. Teen Mum may have the same problems and drama but is a refreshing change from the same old stories from ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ ladies. MTV also gets the 5 girl combo right as […]