It’s only been two months since the shocking incident that occurred in Palm Beach, Florida by ‘Real Housewives Of New York’ LuAnn de Lesepps made headlines. She was found in a hotel room she wasn’t registered to after being asked to leave the bar area for kissing and inappropriate groping was viewed by several patrons. […]

Duggar Couple Reveals Gender Of Their Baby!

Talk about a whirlwind romance…they were courting for only four months before they married in September and now are expecting their first child. Lifelong friends Kendra Caldwell, 18 married Joseph Duggar, 22 in front of hundreds of family and friends in Arkansas in a romantic church ceremony. In a recent gathering, the couple shared with […]

Vanderpump Rules LaLa Kent Justifies Her Two Year Affair With A Married Man!

You know whether or not two people are living under the same roof every evening or not isn’t really the issue when it comes to having an affair. What is important is does the married dirt-bag who has a mistress care about his wife and children or not. Well according to ‘Vanderpump Rules’ LaLa Kent, […]

RHONJ Siggy Flicker Reveals Bravo’s Manipulation Tactics In Resignation Letter!

Not a good idea to burn bridges when you leave a place of employment for whatever reason, sadly Siggy Flicker never got that memo. She’s going off on Bravo and Sirens Production, which is the company affiliated with Bravo for filming. Siggy’s resignation letter included tactics that she says are allowed to encourage and create […]

**BREAKING NEWS!** Another Duggar Announces Their Pregnancy!

We just saw one of the most magical and beautiful weddings a few short months ago on TLC’s popular show “Counting On”, when Kendra Caldwell said “I do” to her husband Joseph Duggar. Now the Duggar clan is growing by one more as the happy couple announces in a video message they are expecting their […]

Jinger Dugger Falls Victim To Abuse At The Hands Of Her Husband Jeremy?!

Two things seem to go hand-in-hand with regard to the Duggar women and that is speculation and innuendo. A recent photo posted by Jeremy Vuolo of himself and his wife Jinger has fans concerned for her safety. The two are seated on an airplane nodding off as most travelers do…and this seemed to upset followers […]


Everyone has family members that pass on recipes from generation to generation and the Duggar’s are no different than anyone. Michelle was born in Ohio…the Buckeye State and has the yummiest recipe her family has shared with her over the years. They’re super easy to make and taste incredible. The cookies are called Duggar Peanut […]

David Beador Living In Sexy Rented Condo And Dating More Than One Woman!

I knew it. I just knew this guy couldn’t keep his thing in his pants for too long. And while I don’t blame him one bit for finding his marriage to his wife Shannon Beador this past year’s kinda sad the guy is already dating other women. The 53-year old construction executive moved out […]

Bethenny Frankel Receives Hateful Messages For Posting About Her Dogs Seizures And Passing Away!

Just yesterday RHONY Bravo celeb Bethenny Frankel had a harrowing day when her precious dog Cookie had a 45-minute seizure and she posted a video of it online. She was frantic and asking followers and fans what she should do. Beyond hysterical as any pet owner would be…she reached out to those closest to her…the […]

DRUNK AND DISORDERLY! Jeremy Vuolo Taken Into Police Custody And Arrested!

Surely this must be a mistake you’d never think anyone from the Duggar family or their spouses would ever be arrested for anything such as this. However that’s exactly what happened according to a police report filed with the Oneonta Headquarters which says, “An intoxicated male who appeared to be the friend of a male […]

BEYOND EXQUISITE! RHOBH Kyle Richards Buys Almost $10 Million Dollar Home!

Living in the lap of luxury comes easy for some and when your zip code is similar to 90210 you better believe your home or estate will reflect all that is grand. What about an Encino zip code and a home nestled in the San Fernando Valley? Do you still think luxury can finds it’s […]

GRIM OUTLOOK! RHOA NeNe Leakes Future Jeopardized After Rape Rant!

You know I love NeNe and always have…she’s the OG of Atlanta. She’s literally come from humble beginnings and built an empire, however there’s something most definitely going on with her lately and I’m not quite certain what it is. Things are going from bad to worse in her life after a casual get together […]

Bravo Bringing Another Housewives City To Us!

So many fans of the show have been waiting literally for years for the Miami housewives to return. When they were on…Bravo was relatively new with only a few other franchises compared to the myriad of choices we have today. Ratings weren’t what they expected and sadly the Real Housewives Of Miami was cancelled. Well […]

RHOC Star Awarded Millions After Being Raped By Law Enforcement Officer!

They’re supposed to be the pillars of our communities. Our heroes. Those who uphold the law while protecting our citizens. That couldn’t be further from the truth when the young daughter of OC’s Lynne Curtin was brutally raped by an on-duty Deputy Sheriff. Alexa Curtin was 22 when she and her former boyfriend got into […]

TLC’s ‘Little People, Big World’ Matt Roloff’s Secret Cocaine, Drug And Alcohol Addiction!

If…if these words didn’t literally come from his own mouth I highly doubt I’d even believe them. Yet they are true as TLC’s reality star Matt Roloff speaks openly and candidly about his drug and alcohol addiction in his shocking memoir. The abuse was gradual and began in the early 80’s with experimental use of […]

Jinger And Jeremy Moving To Scotland As Jim Bob Explodes In Anger?!

Well the father of Jinger Duggar certainly wasn’t thrilled when his daughter decided to uproot her life and the norm of the Duggar daughters when she moved to Laredo, Texas with her husband Jeremy last November. He made it very clear he wasn’t happy about this to his new son-in-law, although he had no choice […]