Housewives Perks: RHOC Kelly Dodd Spills the Tea

You might think lots of benefits come with a Real Housewife title; and you’d be right. Turns out, all the drama and lack of privacy in your life does come with some perks too. We already know they get to go on fabulous trips, will probably visit Andy Cohen in the clubhouse at least once, […]

RHOBH Season 8: The Trailer Reveals the Trouble! Watch Trailer Here!

The much-anticipated Season 8 of “RHOBH” will premiere as an early Christmas present. Tuesday, December 19th is the date to set aside a cup of spiked-eggnog to sit back and enjoy the opulent, outrageous ladies of the most expensive zip code in California, if not the entire United States. We see a few of our […]

Briana Culberson : Starting RH of North Carolina?!

Well, I think many might be sad to know that Briana will not be the next Housewife to join the RHOC franchise. This past week social media reported a couple life changes for Briana; first, she recently had another surgery on her neck that she chronicled via Instagram (actually hubby Ryan asked for prayers and […]

“RHOBH”: An Early Christmas Present

My favorite Housewife franchise is returning Tuesday, December 19th, 2017 and I couldn’t be more excited! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are coming back with some old favorites and some new personalities. And, they have been teasing us with some social media pictures. I am glad to see the return of Camille (with a […]

A Housewives Guide to Getting Engaged – by ‘RHONJ’ Danielle Staub

Well, who WOULDN’T buy a “how-to” book about getting engaged by a gal whose had that pleasure 19 times?? Most men don’t like to commit to a second date, so how this woman convinced 19 different men to potentially walk down the aisle and say “I do” is a bit of a mystery. Danielle came […]

#RHOD: Couch Wars-Everyone v. LeeAnne (They’re Only Hands)

The sophomore year was a good one for the women of Dallas. The season was full of fun and laughter; we saw alliances shifting back and forth, friendships renewed, a few galas, a trip to Mexico, chocolate dildos and a few death threats. Yes, death threats. LeeAnne has a bit of a history with this […]

Vanderpump Rules Scheana Marie: Her Ex-Cheated On Her

Earlier in the month, I wrote an article on the break-up of Scheana Marie, from Vanderpump Rules, and her actor-boyfriend Robert Valleta. I spoke about how they split, but were still seen together on occasion, and had left things on good-terms. The typical roses and sunshine Hollywood break-up with well-wishes and a happy-go-lucky conscious un-coupling. […]

Andy Dick: Another Hollywood Harasser?!

Tinsel Town is starting to look a bit rusty lately. The gold is a bit duller and the glamor is not so glamorous anymore. Ever since Harvey Weinstein’s sins came to light, we have seen the domino effect of “outing” of bad behaviors amidst the Hollywood elite (and some “B” list players). Harvey Weinstein, Kevin […]

‘RHOC’ Reunion Revelation: Shannon & David Split!

Well, by now you probably know that Shannon and David Beador have separated. We’ve known this was coming for a long time. Many of us questioned why/how she stayed with David after his not-so-secret affair. The fact that he took his mistress to a dinner with his mother would have had me immediately calling the […]

Unlucky In Love: Vanderpump Rules Star Single Again!

It seems Scheana Marie has been unlucky in love once again. The reality star allowed viewers to experience her marital discord with her husband, Michael Shay, last season on Vanderpump Rules. The two officially split in November. Although she bounced back and found love again, her latest beau, actor Robert Valleta, and she have called […]