Lauren Cohan (Maggie) May Walk Out of “The Walking Dead”!

Lauren Cohan, who plays the spirited Maggie Rhee in The Walking Dead, has yet to sign a contract for season 9 and that has fans noticeably anxious. Normally fans do not worry about such things, but when you are on a show about the zombie apocalypse, your death is not only possible, it is likely. […]

A Curious Scientology Advertisement

The irony of the Scientology Super Bowl advertisement asking you to research what Scientology is all about should not be lost on anyone. Members are not allowed to Google search their own “religion” and once you have been welcomed into the cult, your Google searching days are over. Scientology has had Super Bowl ads for […]

Brandi the Housemate Really Wants To Be a Housewife

Brandi Granville is entering the Big Brother house, with a hope that this might resurrect her failing career. She has done it before though, as she appeared in the UK version of the show. She dropped the c bomb and flashing her bare bottom live on stage at her elimination after four weeks in the […]

Kim Kardashian Needs to Give More F*&ks!

Another day another Kim Kardashian photoshoot posted on her socials. This time the mother of three, posted topless photos and sported a hairstyle she said was inspired by Bo Derek. Kim Kardashian is nothing if not polarizing. Her fans worship everything she does and her critics have a long list of complaints. One obvious issue […]