Bachelorette Meets Big Brother?

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Bachelorette Meets Big Brother?

Celebrity Big Brother is fast approaching & the rumors are rampant on who will be the new houseguests for the first U.S. edition.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, executive Producer Alison Grodner has stated that there has been “overwhelming response from people who want to be on the show.” Some stars have been open about their desire & willingness to appear & compete on Big Brother. Former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristow & her fiance Shawn Booth. Both are huge Big Brother fans. They are a big presence on social media & tweet about the show during is’s regular season. They believe that they would make a great addition to the show. It is the one show that they can see themselves doing. They would be huge targets because of being a team, but they at least would know that they have a loyal ally to assist them.

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Bachelorette Meets Big Brother?

Also rumored to show interest in appearing on Big Brother is the Hills, Spencer Pratt. He has stated, “[It’s] the Willy Wonka golden ticket of reality TV. Who doesn’t want to be filmed 24/7 for CBS? That’s like dying and going to heaven.”

Pratt has already appeared on the U.K’s version of Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 & in 2017, both times with his wife Heidi Montag. Like Bristowe & Booth, if he appeared on Big Brother with his wife, they could be potential big targets. However, they have played the game before, so they may be able to get farther with that knowledge.

Bachelorette Meets Big Brother?

The next celebrity that has the rumor mills running is Lance Bass. He states that the U.K. version asks him to appear every year, but he turns them down because there really is no game to it all. He says that depending on who else appears, then he would consider appearing on the U.S. version.

As time gets closer, the rumor mills will still be running. We all have celebrities we want to see. Some of us will get our wishes granted while others will not. I know that no matter what, I will be a voyeur once again when Celebrity Big Brother airs this winter.

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