Big Brother Breaking News: #BB2 Winner Dr. Will Gets Married in Malibu

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Dr. Will Kirby and his longtime fiancée Erin Brodie have finally tied the knot! The couple, who were first introduced to each other by Kathy Griffin on a Bravo talk show, have been engaged since August 2011.

In case you forgot, Dr. Will Kirby is a board certified dermatologist, an osteopathic physician, the owner of Kirby Dermatology, a medical textbook and dermatological journal article author, spokesman and a reality television personality. He is best  known for winning the CBS reality show Big Brother 2 on September 20, 2001. In 2003, he came in fourth place in Big Brother: All-Stars.

Call Now: 888-566-5461

Kirby has also appeared on medical television programing, including multiple seasons of Dr. 90210, The Doctors, and on the shopping network QVC. In 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, Kirby hosted the jury roundtable segment of the CBS Big Brother season finales.  Will also won the celebrity edition of “The Price is Right” last year. He donated his winnings ($51,030) to charity.

In 2003 Erin Brodie was on the first season of the reality show Love or Money with Rob Campos and Paige Jones. Rob Campos choose among sixteen suitors, unaware that each woman was informed that she was set to win a million dollars if she rejected Rob in the end. The selection boiled down to Erin Brodie and Paige Jones. The two women assumed that Erin would take the money and Paige would take Rob. But in an unexpected move, Rob chose Erin, leaving Paige to tear up her check. But, as expected, Erin rejected Rob and took the million dollars to help care for her ailing father, sending Rob home.

The two got married yesterday in Malibu. The wedding was attended by about 50 guests that included their children.  Their son, William Cassius “Cash” Kirby, was born in May 2010. I n 2012, Brodie gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Scarlett.

Congratulations to the Happy Family of four!

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