“Big Brother Celebrity Edition” News: BBCeleb: Chuck Liddell Speaks Out After Eviction!!

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"Big Brother Celebrity Edition" News: BBCeleb: Chuck Liddell Speaks Out After Eviction!!

UFC Hall of Famer, Chuck Liddell met his match in Big Brother Celebrity House. He, unfortunately, did not make it past the first round, before being eliminated.

When Liddell talked with Host Jule Chen, he said that he kind of figured that he was going at the last minute, as his housemates avoided him the closer it came to showtime. Even though the plan was to get out fellow nominee & his real-life friend, James Maslow.

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When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, following his eviction, he spoke of his surprise at seeing his friend inside the house. Liddell said that “I met him through a mutual friend and we hung out quite a few times. I have his number in my phone. I’ve known him for a while…Neither one of us had any idea we were going to be in the house. He and I have been busy and haven’t talked in a long time…It was nice to reconnect with him.” However, Liddell did refuse to enlighten anyone about what a night out with James Maslow entails.

"Big Brother Celebrity Edition" News: BBCeleb: Chuck Liddell Speaks Out After Eviction!!

Liddell also spoke with People the next day. When asked if he was shocked to be the first one evicted, Liddell responded, “Yes, I was very sad. I had been waiting to get to that point where things were going fast, & I really wanted America to be able to see me do these competitions. I think they’re missing out.” Liddell thinks that it ultimately came down to Maslow having a better social game than him. Also, that Maslow was able to convince the rest of the house that Liddell was a bigger threat. Which surprises Liddel, as he said that Keisha Knight Pulliam & Brandi Glanville both appeared to have issues with Maslow in the house.

Liddell was asked if he regretted making an attempt to open his gift bag since it arguably led to his eviction. Liddell said it was something that needed to happen, & had he gotten the recast ticket, the game would have gone a much different way.

The most asked question on viewer’s minds was what did Omarosa Manigault give Liddell as he exited the Big Brother house. He answered that she gave him a slip of paper with her mother’s phone number so that he could call her for Omarosa.

Liddell was asked about his knowledge of Omarosa when he went into the Big Brother house & how he feels about her. He said he did not know much, only that he had met her once before a fight & he liked her. He did say that the person he was most surprised to see come into the Big Brother house was Metta World Peace.

Even though Liddell has gotten to go home, he says that he does miss the “game of Big Brother.” He declared, ” I was just learning the game, just getting it down, and I wanted to show everyone what I could do and show them the wild, goofy guy that the more pent up I get, the more funny I get.”

Liddell said that he hopes Omarosa goes far in the game. He likes Shannon Elizabeth, but that she has a huge target on her back, but the one he thinks can win it is Marissa Jaret Winoker. He says that she is laying low & able to “slip by everyone.” He says that he will watch the show for the rest of the season & will make his decision on who to vote to win. He did say that there are a couple of people he definitely will NOT vote for but did not divulge who those people are.

Chuck Liddell, we wish you well. We hope that you get your chance to go on The Amazing Race with your wife. We will miss you. I think he did not get enough time to show who he is & what he can do as far as the game of Big Brother goes.

Written by Kristy S

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