“Big Brother News” BB18 & BB19: Paul Abrahamian Sets The Record Straight!

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"Big Brother News" BB18 & BB19: Paul Abrahamian Sets The Record Straight!

“Big Brother” 19 may be over but the houseguests are still vocal on social media drawing lots of attention as well as their fair share of criticism. With all the controversy surrounding this past season, Paul Abrahamian decided to set the record straight and gave an interview with Reddit AMA. Paul responded to the questions of knowing Raven before BB, the bullying antics, the blackface disaster, and that the jury had a deal to vote against him to deny him the win.

"Big Brother News": BB18 & BB19 Paul BB: Paul Abrahamian Sets The Record Straight!

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First up is whether he knew Raven before he entered the BB House. He stated that he went on tour with his band, Strange Faces, after the BB 18 finale. They did a show in Arkansas and yes Raven attended the concert. She met up with him after to show to admit she was a fan. Of course she had to tell him about her pacemaker “because she tells everyone.” He reported that he was stunned to see her in the house. Paul says that he saw all the comments and videos when he exited the BB House about Raven and him. He professed that he,“LOL’d so hard when I saw all these rumors.” When shown a video of him allegedly with Raven and Victor at a party at his house, he denied it was her. It came out that it was a good friend of his that eerily looks like Raven Walton.

When discussing if whether it was really bullying or just good television, Paul ardently replied, “BB is a “f*cking reality tv show” and said he understood the “nature of what I signed up for.” He also declared, “My actions in the show were strictly to get people to turn against each other, vote one another out, & move me forward in the game. NOT to GENUINELY hurt someone’s feelings.” Paul was quick to note that bullying is a word used to exploit for “attention”. He recommended, “EVERYONE to be mindful of what you say on the internet.” That answer still did not satisfy some of the Redditers. They felt that what he did was worse than bullying because Paul claimed it was a game and reality television.

"Big Brother News": BB18 & BB19 Paul BB: Paul Abrahamian Sets The Record Straight!

Paul was also quick to respond to the “blackface incident” in the house. Paul said that the comments made him “sick to his stomach.” Paul said that Dominique and he had several long talks about racism and how it affected each of them. Paul said that he is a first generation immigrant. He has had to deal with racism his whole life. Paul made it clear that he was dressing up as a snake to mock Dominique for calling him a snake. There was nothing racist about it.

"Big Brother News": BB18 & BB19 Paul BB: Paul Abrahamian Sets The Record Straight!

Paul was also asked about the jury vote. Paul did give an interview to Us Weekly right after the “Big Brother” finale. He said, “they voted to see me lose.” However, that was before he had a chance to speak to the members of the jury. He claimed that Cody hated him and Cody, along with Elena, made a pact to vote against Paul. With Mark being enthralled with Elena, Mark was guaranteed to vote whatever way she wanted him. He says that Matt told him all the things that went on in the jury house and that “those three [Cody, Mark, and Elena] convinced Alex and Jason to not vote for me and form a pact.”

"Big Brother News": BB18 & BB19 Paul BB: Paul Abrahamian Sets The Record Straight!

What do you think? I know as a viewer, I would have hated Paul more if I did not have the live feeds to see what went on behind the scenes. I admit to not being a Paul fan. I do believe that he dressed as a snake and meant no disrespect. As far as bullying goes, I think he let things go too far, stirring the pot a little much. When it comes to the jury vote, it was up in the air. Both Josh and Paul did a lot; however, Josh had better jury management.  Josh made sure each juror knew that it was not personal, it was what he had to do to advance his game and he hoped that they would forgive him. Whereas Paul tried to maintain the pretense that he had with them. Paul then acted like he was blindsided when he was in on it. I am glad that he seems to be moving on and can acknowledge that it was just a show. Wishing him much luck in the future.

Written by Kristy S

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