CBBUS: First Sneak Peak at the Backyard

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Folks, we have our first official spoiler when it comes to “Celebrity Big Brother US”. No, it is not the cast; however, it is a sneak peek at the setup of the BB Backyard thanks to someone who caught a Snapchat video.

Since it is February, the backyard will need a new look. The temperature will be in the 70’s during the day and can get down in the 40’s in the evenings. Not to mention that for Burbank, California it is their rainiest time of year. With that in mind, they are building a cover to protect the Houseguests from the weather. Just think, the last time there was a Winter edition of “Big Brother”, it was BB9 and the Houseguests only had heat lamps to keep them warm outside.

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The roof structure looks pretty interesting and it begs the question of whether it will stay or not after this season. I think it will go. The summer edition has the houseguests wanting to lay out in the sun and get a tan, although the structure could be a way to block the sky banners without having to usher the Houseguests into the house quickly.

It is just a 4 weeks until we get CBBUS. I am looking forward to it. Hopefully, soon we will get OFFICIAL confirmation of who the celebrities will be. We will keep you posted.


Photos are courtesy of Big Brother Facebook page and Jared Brooke’s Twitter.

Written by Kristy D. Scoville

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