“CBBUS” Spoilers: Jody Back in the Big Brother House?!

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"CBBUS" Spoilers: Jody Back in the Big Brother House?!

Spoilers for “Celebrety Big Brother” tease that Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, aka “JODY”, are a possibility for Celebrity BB. Is CBS having an issue getting so-called “stars” to move into the house? According to a CBS insider, Lance Bass refused to do “CBB”. It has been rumored his refusal was due to Lance asking for $10 million to move into the Big Brother house. He said he would love to join the cast but can’t for financial reasons.

"CBBUS" Spoilers: Jody Back in the Big Brother House?!
CBS has allegedly been talking with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag for a couple months. CBS said they’d be a good fit for the show. They would keep things interesting for sure!

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"CBBUS" Spoilers: Jody Back in the Big Brother House?!
There are a lot of different views on bringing back Jody. Some people think CBS shouldn’t bring back BB alums on the celebrity version. While viewers want to see celebrities, it seems they will only get to see reality tv and YouTuber’s like, Shane Dawson. Allegedly, Shane has agreed to do the show.

"CBBUS" Spoilers: Jody Back in the Big Brother House?!
Kathy Griffin showed interest in joining “Celebrity Big Brother”. Unfortunately, CBS cut ties with her a few months ago due to her political antics. Some believe Kathy would definitely keep it interesting as long as she leaves President Trump and Harvey Levin out of it!

While Jess and Cody are not celebrities, maybe they will have a chance to actually play the game this time!
What do you think about Jody returning?

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Post Author: Rosa C

1 thought on ““CBBUS” Spoilers: Jody Back in the Big Brother House?!

    Elaine Casazza

    (November 20, 2017 - 4:57 pm)

    They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel…..I am a Big Brother fan and was looking forward to the next season. You can count me out if Kathy Griffin is on. Why would they want to put Cody and Jesse on again. They didn’t play the game the first time they were on. They layed in bed. Lance Bass the nerve of him to ask for 10 million…..does he realize no one really cares about him. Come on Big Brother!!!!! Don’t disappoint a real fan!!!! If you are going to use old guest…… Amanda…. would be great….! Bring Paul back…. Awesome!!! People who stir up that house. Just saying make it fun.

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