‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Meets Blac Chyna, Rumor?!

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'Celebrity Big Brother' Meets Blac Chyna, Rumor?!

A potential legit rumor is Celebrity Big Brother has Blac Chyna on their short list for her to be on the show. An insider told Us (magazine) that the production team is trying to get Chyna to do Celebrity Big Brother. I’m sure a lot of people have heard of Blac Chyna, ex-fiance to Rob Kardashian, an ex-stripper and a model.

'Celebrity Big Brother' Meets Blac Chyna, Rumor?!

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Mostly they have seen her on ‘KUWTK’ where she was engaged to Rob K and had their baby Dream. We can’t forget all the drama with her and Rob from her accusing him of abusing her, to him saying she abused him and the list goes on.

Well, if this turns out to be true we won’t be expecting higher grade celebrities for their 1st season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother US’. They will mostly cast B list celebs, but with Blac Chyna, we are talking C list.

I am sure she will bring tons of drama to the show. I would expect nothing less.

CBS has yet to announce when the show will start, but we know from experience they keep the cast for BB under wraps til  about a week before the show airs. Will they do the same for ‘CBBUS’? I guess we will keep watching for an official announcement.

So ask yourself this question, will Blac Chyna agree to do the show if she knows the money will go to charity instead of in her pocket?

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