Daily Big Brother #CBBUS Live Feed Updates: Sunday, February 11th

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Daily Big Brother #CBBUS Live Feed Updates: Sunday, February 11th

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12:00 AM BBT While most Houseguests have gone to bed or are falling asleep Ari, is still up and doing laundry. Metta, Ari, and Marissa talk about who is sleeping in HOH room and Marissa walks upstairs to talk to Ross.
12:15 AM BBT Marissa and Ross are talking about evicting Omarosa. They say Shannon and James threw the HOH comp and that both Shannon and James could have won HOH. They say Shannon and James are both targets for everybody in the house. Ross says if Keshia or Omarosa come off the block he might nominate Metta. Ross says he talked to Keshia about Ari and Brandi. He says Keshia asked who’s side Ari and Brandi are on. Marissa says she wants Ross to make a big move and possibly get Shannon out. Marissa says that if Ross was to get Shannon out he would win the game because he got Shannon out.
12:30 AM BBT Ross says if he made a move to try to get Shannon out they could not tell anybody about it and that he would just have to make the move. They are talking about how to make the move and if Marissa asks Ross if he gets houseguest choice when they pick players for veto who Ross would pick. Ross says he might pick either Brandi or Ari. Marissa says he can pick her but she says she doesn’t think she will win the game. Marissa thinks that Shannon and James will go after Brandi and Ari before they go after them. Ross disagrees. Marissa thinks that Metta is America’s player and they discuss tasks that they think America would have Metta do. They think that America voted for Metta to sleep with the owl every night.
12:45 AM BBT Ross asks Marissa what to do if he gets houseguest’s choice and they agree that he can’t pick James or Shannon. They are talking about how they should reveal that Metta is America’s player and they think that confetti will fall if they say that Metta is America’s player. They start talking about POV again and Marissa says she is going to say that she wants to play if Ross gets houseguest’s choice and she will tell Brandi and Ari to say they want to play as well. Marissa thinks since her and Ross were both good at the bowling comp she doesn’t think that they’ll be good at the POV comp. Ross asks why nobody is sleeping in HOH tonight and says that everybody is avoiding him. Marissa says she is going to see if the other girls are asleep and she says that she wants to sleep in the HOH room.
1:00 AM BBT Marissa sends out a tweet then walks to the kitchen and says she needs her medicine and Metta asks her if she could get it and Marissa says she can’t take it if she has to give a DR session because she says she’ll be loopy. Marissa and Metta are talking about when she was a guest judge on Rupaul’s drag race. Metta thinks she is talking about a car show so she explains that it is a show about guys that dress in drag and not a car show. Metta is cleaning and Shannon asks to help Metta says he can finish and Shannon says thank you and that she would be happy to go to bed if he finishes cleaning.
1:15 AM BBT Metta continues cleaning the kitchen it appears most of the houseguests are in bed except him, Shannon who is in the bathroom, and Marissa who is in the diary room. Shannon walks into the kitchen and says goodnight to Metta then she walks to her room and gets in bed. Mark wakes up and asks if Marissa is sleeping upstairs or in their bedroom Shannon says she thinks Marissa is sleeping upstairs. Metta finishes cleaning the kitchen thin goes to lay down.
1:30 AM BBT Marissa exits the diary room and walks upstairs to the HOH room to go to bed.She realizes she’s missing something heads downstairs grabs a blanket from outside and brings it up. She gets comfy and uses the washroom then heads to bed. ALL Houseguest are in bed at this time (1:44 AM ).
1:45 AM BBT Feeds cut for a moment, when they return you hear the HOH door shut and Ross is not in bed. All Cams stay on sleeping HG
1:45 AM BBT ALL Houseguest sleeping ( Minus Ross who is in DR.)
2:15 AM BBT – 2:55 AM BBT Ross returns to bed and Cut to Fish. All houseguest are now asleep.
2: 55 AM BBT Cut to Fish. All Houseguest are still asleep.
2:55 AM BBT Marissa is now up looking for something in the bed as Ari gets up to use the bathroom. Marissa returned to bed. Ari gets something from the refrigerator and returns to bed. All houseguest are sound asleep again.
3:00 AM BBT – 7:45 AM BBT  All HG sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All HGs are sleeping. Omarosa raised up from sleeping in the Speakeasy Rm, then right back down covered with a blanket.
8:15 AM BBT All HGs were sleeping when the feeds went to Fish….Wake Up Call. Fish lasted for 8 minutes and come back with Keshia washing her face in the WR. The bedrooms shown on the other feed still remain with the lights off. Brandi is sitting on the side of her bed putting on a face cream/lotion. Omarosa and then Brandi go into the WR. Fish keeps cutting in and out.
8:30 AM BBT Omarosa going to get Keshia some bobby pins. Marissa is also up. Brandi goes into WR and says something to Keshia; BB reminds her to put on her microphone. She goes back into the bedroom, not seeing her microphone in the dark, and returns to the living room. Once Omarosa leaves the Tiffany Rm, Brandi goes back in where lights are now on to retrieve her microphone. Marissa and Brandi are in the kitchen; Brandi making coffee. Brandi starts to talk to Marissa and Fish, then Omarosa comes into kitchen. Ross comes out of the DR to his room and then needs to return to the DR. Omarosa wanted to come up to see his pictures, but that’s on hold until after his DR session. Omarosa is in the Speakeasy Rm typing on some iPad…also while smacking her gum. Omarosa now getting coffee in kitchen. Marissa prepped the coffee maker last night and now grounds in the coffee. Omarosa jokingly fired her from coffee making. It’s a strong coffee! Brandi made mention to Keshia that Omarosa is in the “Tweet” Rm. That must be what Omarosa is back doing on the iPad.
8:45 AM BBT Ari, Brandi, and Kesha in WR with Marissa lying on the bench in the WR. Marissa says she feels as if she is in college. Ari left for the bedroom and Omarosa came in and said something like “Production did this for me” to Keshia. She responded, “Oh, they did” and Fish. All feeds are on the WR. Omarosa, Marissa, Brandi, and Keshia general talking as Keshia and Brandi getting themselves ready at the sinks. Fish. Feeds return with I believe everyone (except Metta and James) up moving around. Fish again. Ross offers his HOH WR to Mark.
9:00 AM BBT Most HGs are in the WR getting themselves ready or engaging in general conversation. Mark got ready in the HOH WR and now coming downstairs. At least one BR still has its lights off. Fish keep coming in and out. No doubt, BB wants to get going with their day. Earlier someone mentioned about having the POV comp this morning. BB reminded Mark to put on his microphone. Marissa tells Omarosa and Brandi there will more than likely have an eviction tomorrow (Mon) and then go directly into HOH. She also believes Metta is playing for America in doing all the weird things he does…such as wash dishes at night in his underwear, do Ari’s make-up, and have conversations on strange topics. Regardless, Brandi still likes him! They ask Marissa if they are on live feeds now…yes. Brandi and Omarosa give shout outs.
9:15 AM BBT Ross is in his HOH Rm all alone. He gets out at least 4 different pills, gets into bed with them, water, and his letter from home. Fish. Ross rereads his letter and sits thinking quietly. Brandi, Keshia, Omarosa, and Marissa still in downstairs WR with little conversation. It’s hard with the blow drier running. BB tells the HGs to change their batteries. As some make their way to the pantry, Fish continue to come in and out. The feeds have not shown Metta, Shannon, and James this morning. Ross returned to his HOH Rm, sitting up in bed sitting quietly. BB reminds him to put on his microphone that he left in the WR. Returns to bed…thinking and sipping iced coffee.
9:30 AM BBT General chit chat among Marissa, Brandi, and Omarosa in WR. Ross still sitting on HOH bed by himself. Fish. Marissa and Omarosa talk about the dizzy bowling comp and how excited Marissa was in winning and then someone noticed Omarosa was gone. Omarosa feels as if she fell and then heard BB over the speaker call for medic. Fish again kept cutting in. Marissa says the incident took everyone out of the game hoping she was okay. Marissa says she said that she hoped you were able to talk to John (her husband)….Fish immediately. Brandi goes up to talk to Ross. He assures he she is safe this week, but then Ross says next week, of course, there is a target on him.
9:45 AM BBT Ross and Brandi talk about other HGs and who they are paired up with and their strengths. They count on who has the numbers and what the next move may be. Brandi is called into the DR and leaves Ross alone again. Keshia and Marissa both leave the WR to lie back down in bed. Omarosa, coughing at first, curls her hair in WR. BB announces that the Storage Rm is temporarily unavailable. Feeds show only Ross and Omarosa. They appear to be the only ones up. Ross is now in kitchen when Omarosa is called into the Storage Rm. Brandi checks in WR and then returns to the bedrooms. Saw Ross and James talking…Fish. Keisha is whispering in the dark saying that everyone on the other side knows exactly how it is and will be disappointed if it is her. Someone turns on the bedroom lights.

Daily Big Brother #CBBUS Live Feed Updates: Sunday, February 11th
10:00 AM BBT Keshia was whispering to Marissa. Keshia says she does not trust her and she is doing all this for distractions. (I do not know who Keshia might have been referring to.) Marissa is using a lot of hand signals to try to communicate with Keshia. Metta is also in the BR under covers and turns over. Mark is called into the DR. Ross comes to greet them. It’s so dry in the house that Keshia is now developing a cough. Mark speaks and then goes into the DR. After everyone leaves. Marissa privately tells Keshia that she really loves her and if she wins, she is going to give it to her. Shannon knows nothing. Keshia also says that she found out that Shannon had a Final 2 with Omarosa; Marissa already knew it at the last eviction. HGs (except Shannon and Metta) are up milling around or fixing breakfast. Ross and Marissa affixing eyelashes onto the poodle statue as well as decorating it with a headband and pants.Mark says it’s creepy, however, it really brings out her eyes. Marissa and Ross in HOH WR talking. James and others want to get rid of Keshia. However, they want Omarosa out. Marissa feels as if they can have an honest game with Keshia, but not Omarosa. They feel Shannon is shady. Omarosa has told others Ross spearheaded the vote flip last time. However, they are telling everyone it was totally Shannon. Talk is to possibly backdoor Shannon. Marissa is sure Keshia will remain always on their side. Not sure about Omarosa. Ross is nervous about the backdoor since it puts a huge target on him. He wonders if they can trust Shannon and James to keep them safe like they have said.
10:15 AM BBT BB announces the SR is again temporarily unavailable. Fish. Ross turns the lights on in the Tiffany BR. Mark says he’s never really listened to Beyonce and now really likes her! Omarosa called into DR. Keshia telling what she plans on doing with the steaks for dinner. Mark, James, and Brandi getting something to eat now. Ross confirms Veto today and then a only 1-hr live eviction tomorrow. Keshia is called into the DR. Marissa wants to be picked to play in the POV Comp. James, Mark, and Marissa talk military stuff at the kitchen counter while Brandi fixes breakfast.
10:30 AM BBT BB announces the SR is available again. All feeds show the kitchen. Marissa is talking about her other family members. Brandi opens the oven door and smoke rolls out. The bacon in the oven was forgotten…and got burnt. Mark wonders if Chuck is happy he’s out. James thinks he is probably over being happy he’s out and now wishes he’s back in. Marissa reminds them Omarosa was out for 12 hours and…Fish. Marissa is going up to HOH WR to shower. Ross answers door and says he literally just got out. Fish. Ross finishes shaving while Marissa is in the shower.
10:45 AM BBT Omarosa is getting herself together in the WR while Keshia is finishing up a bowl of oatmeal. The names Ross and Shannon are mentioned. Keshia says from what she knows now, she probably won’t be going home, but will be nominated every week. Omarosa says it depends upon who wins the Veto. She mentions about a Black Trifecta. James comes in to use the bathroom. Keshia takes her bowl to the kitchen and says they will talk later. Omarosa says she will look her up after she is out of the DR. A conversation in the kitchen as to the sounds being heard of what’s going on outside, BB reminds them they are not allowed to talk about production. James leaving the WR tells Omarosa that if it makes her feel any better, he is not going to vote her out. It was Keshia that put him on the block. Omarosa appreciates his vote. BB calls out the HGs who have not changed their batteries yet. Ross still concerned about saving Keshia. Marissa feels they need Keshia to help get out James. Ross wants Brandi to spearhead getting out Omarosa and to get Ari on board as well. James comes into HOH Rm. He was going to sit for the next 2-hours on the stool, but decided to mix it up and come up to the HOH Rm. They guess what the comp may be. Since they are running behind, James thinks it will be something easy and quick. Maybe something with questions.
11:00 AM BBT James wanted to talk later with them on who to vote out. He feels Keshia is bitter with everyone and needs to go. Also, politically he thinks it looks bad if Omarosa was in the hospital, coming back and then immediately voted out. James also feels less blood on Ross’ hands by voting out Keshia. Marissa totally disagrees. Marissa says the primary reason for the house flip was to go against Omarosa’s comment saying about a woman winning when Ross was also a part of the alliance and in the room. Ross says the first thing Omarosa said when she walked into the house was her looking at me, sighing, and said, “You are my biggest threat.” Ari briefly comes in and leaves. Talk turns to people from home. Ross reminds James not to announce where he lives…his reply is that he has a big wall and security so he’s okay. Fish began ~11:10am.
11:15 AM BBT Feeds still down.
11:30 AM BBT Feeds back with most HGs hanging out in the kitchen. Shannon and Metta is also up. Ari is giving Ross a shoulder massage. They’re talking about different accents and pronunciations. All except Mark and Omarosa are in the kitchen area. Marissa is still believing that Metta is America’s Player. He has to sleep with the owl…wear shorts on his head (like he is doing now)…wear certain people’s hats…pretend you do not want to be here…etc, etc. They point out all his uniqueness-es. Metta is playing along. The other thing they think is that he can not lie so they are asking him questions. Metta has strong opinions regarding skin colors of black vs brown and white vs tan. Keshia brings up “societal norms” skin colors. Some call themselves, peach, rose, or tan.
11:45 AM BBT Metta says he is not black. In the dictionary “black” is a negative term. Metta doesn’t like history. He only believes what he sees not what he hears. Keshia says celebrating Black History should be celebrated every day rather than in just one month. Metta says he is compassionate with other people and love all people, but hate what they did 400 years ago to Brown people. He calls it Brown History.
12:00 PM BBT Ross is talking about that he doesn’t want to put anybody up from his alliance as a pong Sharon thinks that nobody is going to vote off mark Ross said come right on in and put on a show the doorbell rang in the HOH room Ross said we were in the sun and it is coming in Ross said do you want to listen James is the Workout room working out Shannon said that we don’t have real weekends Ross said i love that idea Shannon said that i and Simon committed to just Sunday is our day Shannon said a hour before we can change
12:15 PM BBT Shannon said you need to find out how long it is between the picking and the comps feeds returned Shannon was looking at her bottle Ross said Shannon Shannon is putting on her socks ross is talking about how long it could be before they are called into the living room Marissa said that she dropped her mic in the water Marissa and Shannon are talking about previous games that they played she said it’s always physical Ross said let me ask everyone to see what they think Ross is talking to Mark about the veto Mark said to ross i would be surprised if you lose Mark is talking about the girl that broke her foot last year

Daily Big Brother #CBBUS Live Feed Updates: Sunday, February 11th
12:30 PM BBT feeds cut out feeds returned Mark and Shannon are talking about an obstacle course Mark said oh you look cute to Marissa &  Metta Is talking about how would you consider yourself Metta said nothing about me is black Mark is putting on socks metta said you will see what the colors will mean Omarosa said to Metta you are bigger than life
Metta said that’s what White and black dose metta said that my wife is black and white we argue about this all the time Omarosa said to Ari thanks for helping me get my sticky off
12:45 PM BBT Omarosa said to James i can always know when you are working out in the workout room James said i am proud of Mark for doing cardio everyday Omarosa asked James how long did they stay in the real world Omarosa said that they were talking about a celebrity survivor Omarosa said do you want me to go the HOH i will do it James said that’s perfect to Omarosa Omarosa said what do you think that the Veto is going to be Marissa said that the boys are harder to beat Marissa said you not tell James that we are turning on him to Mark Feeds cut out Omarosa said that Ari ripped up her finger again maybe they should have the medic look at it again Marissa said that husbands last name is Miller so everyone calls her ms Miller that’s her altra eagle feeds cut out
1:00 PM BBT Metta and Keshia is talking about the prodcast in the news Keshia is talking about that every sunday my family has a family dinner Matta said that the defaninten in the dictionary brown means loves , chocolate Omarosa said that she tweeted she is back in the house and everything is fine Keshia said i will just keep these on today since i have been wearing them metta said i have a lot of friends in prison and a lot of them are not coming home Keisha said i want my salad Mark asked what time was it Mark said both sodas are bad
1:15 PM BBT Mark said i appreciate Ari making the apple pie thing yesterday Keisha said uh did you crack one of those eggs Mark was asking Ari how her finger was Ari said i went into the DR and they called the doctor Ari said if we have to do something with our hands to Mark we will not be able to Omarosa was asking ari is your finger out that usually is a sign of a infection or if you have a fever Keisha said that there is no tomatoes just a FYI Keisha said is pepperjack really spicy Mark said no but you can taste it Keshia is talking about how to know if the Hard boiled egg is ready you spin it Omarosa said is this Keisha poultry seasoning Mark said that amazon is fun though like Christmas packages
1:30 PM BBT Keisha said to Marissa can i ask you a question Ari gave Marissa a hug Marissa is cooking Marissa said let me guess Coconut oil and butter Shannon is talking about different seasons Mark said don’t you know that we are celebrities Mark was singing a whole new world
1:45 PM BBT Ross said i was just wondering where the girls are.
2:00 PM BBT Shannon, Ross, Mark, James, Keshia, Omarosa are in the kitchen pretending to make phone calls and doing other improv related activities. Marissa, Ari, and Brandi are lying on the beds talking in the Tiffany room. Ross comes in and gets into the bed with Brandi. Shannon comes in and asks if anyone wants something from Hymie’s Coffee, and they make orders. Ross says that Brandi speaks Ari, and then they start talking about how teams will split up and such if certain people go out of the house. Ross leaves the room. Marissa and Brandi agree that Mark and James are sticking together. Brandi says that Mark will go up as a pawn if things go the way they want them to go. They plan on Marissa asking Keshia to work with them if she stays in the house. They agree that they have to get Omarosa out because she is dangerous and will team up with anyone. Marissa plans on talking to Keshia about this when getting costumes ready for veto. Marissa leaves. Brandi and Ari talk about how Shannon has already talked to both Keshia and Omarosa. Metta says he isn’t working with anyone after Ari asks if she thinks Shannon has a deal with him. In the kitchen, they continue to act like they are talking on the phone. Brandi goes up to the HOH room, where Ross is. Ross says he trusts Mark. Brandi and Ross get into the bed. Ari comes in.
2:15 PM BBT Ross says he can’t sleep in the house and is laying down. Downstairs, Omarosa says that he thinks that her Pastor husband is watching since it is after church. Metta comes into the kitchen. He says it is so boring. They are trying on Keshia’s jewelry, and try some on Metta. James makes Metta a cappachino. In the HOH room, all is quiet. Ross is listening to music and Ari and Brandi are in the huge bed with him. In the kitchen, talk has turned to how in regular BB seasons, people are sequestered. They agree that Metta would be PISSED if he got voted out and didn’t get to go home.
2:30 PM BBT They’ve gone back to pretending to talk on the phone in the kitchen. Metta and Omarosa talk about how they have had black history education sessions today along with Keshia. Metta and James talk about whether or not they have taken off time from working out. Keshia is lying on a bed in the Hollywood room. She has fallen asleep with her head propped up on her arm.
2:45 PM BBT Metta, Omarosa, James, and Shannon are talking in the kitchen. Everyone else seems to be asleep. James is washing dishes. Omarosa and Shannon are discussing travel insurance. Omarosa tells James that the girl that he is dating is going to want to marry him because he is making coffee and washing dishes. They begin discussing what Metta is going to get his wife for her birthday. Omarosa starts listing what she is going to buy all the houseguests for Christmas. They start talking about buying things on Amazon and Instagram.
3:00 PM BBT Same 4 (Shannon, Metta, James, and Omarosa) are still in the kitchen cooking and cleaning and talking. Cameras switch to Brandi listening to music in the HOH room Downstairs, Keshia has come into the kitchen. She and Omarosa talk about Keshia’s spice line. Mark is asleep in the Hollywood room.
3:15 PM BBT Fish. Cameras come back up momentarily, then back to fish. Cameras come back up to Brandi and Ari in the HOH room bed. Back to fish. Cameras back up. Brandi and Ari still talking in the HOH room bed. Shannon is cooking in the kitchen. Omarosa is in and out of the room talking about cooking with her.
3:30 PM BBT Ari comes into the kitchen. Metta and Brandi are playing chines checkers in the lounge. Brandi says that she and Ari had a little cry upstairs about Ari’s dad. Brandi leaves the room. Now Shannon and Ari are alone in the kitchen. Omarosa and Brandi are in the Tiffany room. Brandi appears to starting a skincare routine or makeup. They discuss the veto competition. Omarosa is trying on clothes. Ari comes into the room and is also going through her makeup bag and starting to put on makeup. Cameras back to the lounge where Metta sits playing with the Chinese checkers board, and Shannon is sitting on the couch. They are quiet. Keshia also comes into the Tiffany room. In the lounge, Shannon looks to be typing on a tablet mounted to the table.
3:45 PM BBT Shannon goes back to the kitchen. Ari, Omarosa, and Brandi continue primping in the Tiffany room.
4:00 PM BBT Shannon and Brandi are in the kitchen cooking. Mark came in to get a drink out of the refrigerator. Omarose and Ari are in the Tiffany bedroom getting dressed and putting makeup on. Brandi came back into the bedroom and brought them some cantaloupe and drinks. Ari and Omarose expressed their gratitude to Brandi. Then Keshia came into the bedroom and Omarose told her she had some hair product for her. She was excited and looked in the bag. Then she told Omarose that she did want to mess her hair up. She said, “It’s very rare to get my top bun right in one try. So I don’t want to mess my stuff up right now.” Then they started talking about hats and logos and age. They said to each other that they don’t look their ages. Omarose said she feels her age (44) today. She said she would love to live a med free life though. And not have to travel with medications. Then Omarose asked Keshia if she ever wears head wraps. Keshia said she does but needs someone to help her because she struggles to tie them. Ross came into the Tiiffany room with the ladies. Then they started asking about the POV competition. The girls asked how it is done again and Ross explained it some. Brandi was saying how difficult it was last time to remember that. And how awful the mud looked. Ross left that bedroom and went to the other bedroom and started talking game with Marissa. He asked her if he was to pull the “Houseguest Choice” chip who should he pick to play. He said if he doesn’t pick Shannon or James then it looks obvious what my game play is. He said Mark doesn’t want to but he will. And Brandi doesn’t want to but she will. Marissa said she thought it was already decided. Ross said he feels like it might not be the right time though.
4:15 PM BBT He said he might have to make a judgement call. He said he wants to pick James. He said they want to vote out Keshia. But we want to back door Shannon. He said he should go tell them if he gets HG choice he wants to put up James because he doesn’t want that huge target on his back right now and it’s too soon to backdoor Shannon. He said he wants to pick James because Shannon is stronger. He said he is going to go tell them right now. He left the bedroom. He went up to the HOH bedroom to talk to James. He asked him who between them he should pick if he gets HG choice. Ross told James he doesn’t want Shannon to get anymore blood on her hands. James asked if they should call her in and asked her. They did. They discussed it. And Shannon said she doesn’t mind having the blood on her hands. She said she she doesn’t care who he chooses. James said he doesn’t mind staying on vacation but he will play if he has to choose between them. Shannon told Ross he should go sit by himself and meditate on it. She said for him to go ask his guides, his dogs that passed, and ask who he should chose.
4:30 PM BBT Shannon then went into an expansive discussion on how she was taught to meditate. Back in the Tiffany bedroom, Keshia is talking about the fact that she didn’t bring enough clothes for this experience, but that it cost so much for the extra bags. Omarosa is gathering all of her belongings.
4:38 PM BBT- 4:44 PM BBT Feeds went to fish. The HGs are going to choose who will be playing in the POV.

Daily Big Brother #CBBUS Live Feed Updates: Sunday, February 11th
4:44 PM BBT Feeds came back on. All HGs are sitting on the sofas in the Living room. Ross went into the DR. Metta was asking what is happening. Metta says he wants to play because he want to go home. He says his plan if he wins the POV is to take James down off the block. James and Omarosa start playing pretend telephone calling each other. They are asking each other if they want to hang out tonight. Then they ask Ari to call someone in Spanish and play the game. Ross came out of the DR and joined the group. He joined the group telephone game. Then they all started discussing using the Hot Tub tonight. Keshia went into the DR to ask for powder foundation. She came back out with some and then told Ari they had some she would like. The group dispersed to go check on dinner. Ari, Metta and Brandi are still sitting in the LR chatting. Brandi told Metta he should do a show. He asked her what kind of show she wants. He said he can do any animal you ask me to. He said, “Just let me get my energy up.” Then Ross came back. Ari said, “This is a weird conversation. I’m out.”
5:00 PM BBT Shannon tells Mark and James she can’t believe they doing POV live on the show.James tells Mark its kinda chilly today.James and Mark are talking about a club James went to and he had a bad hangover and James tells Mark he thought he was superman but waking up drunk .James is talking to Keisha about a boat they rode on and he loved the boat and they went to a very nice restaurant and had so much fun.Ross tells Omarosa to expect the unexpected.Ross,Shannon,Marissa,Brandi,Metta and Ari,and Omarosa are playing a game in the living room..James is in the kitchen eating.Mark asks James what he will eat for dinner and jams tells Mark he will eat steak.
5:15 PM BBT All Hgs are in the living room are playing a game each taking a turn and coming up with the first word that comes to mind. Metta says lets do a sports word. Omarosa and Keisha in the kitchen and Omarosa wanted to taste the food Keisha made for dinner and said its spicy and Keisha says it needs a little more salt.Mark is in the kitchen looking for something to eat.Mark asks Shannon if they out of honey and she said no. James says to Mark it will be hours before dinner will be ready so they will have a snack for now. Metta and Omarosa and Ari and Keisha playing twister.
5:30 PM BBT Marissa wins at twister. Omarosa lays on couch. Jokes Marissa sends her to hospital twice. Guests talking about cost of nuts. Metta asks if peanuts are good for you. Shannon and Brandi are discussing working out while Shannon brushes teeth. Keshia and Metta talk about her sorority. Marissa, Ariadna, Shannon and Omarosa in kitchen talking about food. Shannon said she turned the food off and left it for Ariadna. James asked Keshia how fish sleep, because they are always moving, In the gym Shannon asks Metta if there were any towels left. He said no and went to get some. Omarosa comes into living room asking if fish need to be fed. James is talking about the tattoo he got when he was drunk. Keshia asked how he told his parents. James said he went to Gap and got a long sleeve shirt. Went to dermatologist and it was going to take 5 sessions so he just left it. Shannon and Metta are discussing working out and Metta said he missed his Ballet teacher. Shannon ased where he found her and Metta said she found him. He enjoyed it for stretching and balance. Now Shannon and Metta are doing stretches on the floor. Metta talked about how his son does same stretches. Said how he was so excited for tomorrow.Discuss how HOH comp may be tomorrow night. Gave Shannon more stretching directions. Shannon said it’s like yoga. They both hear noise from living room and said they were missing the party.
5:45 PM BBT Ross, Ariadna, Brandi are in the HOH eating odd combination of foods. Marissa is in the HOH room as well. Now they are talking about Price is Right and eating chips and popcorn. Ross suggests making a musical. Marissa and Ariadna whisper on the couch. Now the four of them were discussing calories. Then they move to a chair to hold pretend auditions to Ross’s musical Haircut. Ross played director and gave the girls some artistic direction. Marissa started her lines and Ross and Ariadna laugh at Brandi for using itching motions with legs instead of burning motions
6:00 PM BBT The rehearsal is over . HGs all back on couches. Ross ask Marissa what her ideal role would be. She answers but says she’s too young for it.Ross said tomorrow is halfway through competition. Talk of Omarosa’ impact on each one. Ariadna said being in the house would make anyone crazy. Marissa talked about Meta wearing shorts on his head. Ariadna said she has no friends in the States. Marissa said she is very close with her manager. Ross told her she has more friends in the HGS. Brandi mentions that people in the future will read about Omarosa and BB celebrity.Now the girls mention Ross hitting ball back at Omarosa Ross mentioned that he couldn’t believe all 7 of the Alliance members were sitting in HOH room not long ago. Talk about how they could have fights but had to remain in house. Now they are playing Name game. They made sentences with each person saying a word in sequence and try to keep story going. They each take turns starting the stories. Now they discuss going to watch Metta and Shannon work out, or Mark in the kitchen with James. Ariadna goes to washroom. Ross told them at work when he likes something he says loudly “really phenomenal work”. Some talk about crackers in peanut butter
6:15 PM BBT Ross, Brandi, Ariadna and Marissa started playing a game where they say facts about their lives and try to guess which facts are untrue. Ariadna was confused on rules. It was actually Ross and Marissa that were confused. Brandi joins the game after being silent for a while.Brandi gets up to get a beer from HOH fridge. Ross suggested they each take turns answering questions with a lie to practice . James comes in. Marissa filled him in on the game they were playing prior to Ross’ lying idea. Ross takes a turn and Marissa guessed which one was a lie. James takes another turn and fooled them by telling all truths.Brandi takes her turn and Ariadna picked out the lie.Brandi talked about how weird Tokyo was.James mentioned how hard it would be to spend months in house making small talk. HGs back to playing name game
6:30 PM BBT Feeds down 1 minute. James goes to bathroom. Ari and Marissa are whispering on the bed. Marissa asks if Metta and Shannon are still working out. James leaves HOH room. He comes back in to get his shoes and leaves again. Marissa and Ariadna are whispering about what the nominations might be. Marissa mentions back-dooring Shannon. Said Ross may have hard time picking Shannon. Ariadna said if choice of Keshia or Omarosa, she would prefer Omarosa to go home.Marissa said she woke up feeling like Ross was going to vote her out. They are doubting how truthful other guests are being. Adriana tells her guests aren’t talking about her. Marissa said she was thinking way to much. They both leave HOH room to do makeup. Marissa told Ari that no one is talking about her either. James, Mark in bedroom talking about how people are going to feel when they get sent home. Talking about live POV tomorrow. Marissa comes into bedroom and tells James and Mark her feelings of being back-doored.. James mentions last eviction he was up to leave and Chuck was one to leave. Discussing who goes up if they win the POV. Marissa says their bedroom is way comfier than her room. James said it doesn’t matter who goes up on block. Mark said Keshia is stronger player and should go before Omarosa. James and Marissa agree. Mark warns not to spend too much time apart from group to avoid suspicion. Marissa id she knows why Ross wants Omarosa out first.
6:45 PM BBT Marissa tells Mark and James that she is totally on-board with getting Keshia out first. Marissa jokes about Metta leaving soon. States that if he makes it to final, they’ll lose against him. They joke about the HOH competition. She leaves to go do her makeup. Ross enters bedroom. Ariadna gets called to DR. Ross asks about Mark and James idea for eviction. Shannon enters and all agree that Keshia should be next out. They all think they would win against her in final. Ross doesn’t commit. Just getting input from HGS. There is discussion about Metta being more dangerous than Omarosa. THey are guessing about format for tomorrow’s show. Mark asked Ross if he talked to Ari and Brandi yet. Ross said no. Plan is to ask all HGS about their votes and make a decision afterwards. Marissa mentions talking to Omarosa about Florida and Omarosa reacted badly. Ross leaves bedroom. Shannon, Marissa, James and Mark talk about the loyalties of Omarosa. Marissa believed she is still gunning for the boys. James worries Ross may think James wants Keshia out solely because she was trying to evict him and not because she is strong player.
7:00 PM BBT Mark, Shannon, Marissa also admit they were all on the same page as far as strategy for nominees. Marissa offers to talk to Ross about reasons. BB anounced to Keshia to stop obstructing microphone. James discussed backlash on social media from their fans for any dishonest moves they may make in the house. James said he knows who was trying to have him evicted. Marissa said She would take 3rd place and have no one mad at her. Marissa leaves again to do her makeup. Shannon, Mark and James talk about how nice glam room is and how big Brandis’ bed is. In the bar room, Ross and Brandi are talking about sending Keshia home before Omarosa. Brandi wants Omarosa instead. She feels Omarosa is too smart and dangerous. She tells Ross to be careful. Ross said he is worried about how his choice will be viewed. Marissa enters and tells Brandi that Ari is looking for her. Marissa is in bathroom with Ross. She fills him in on talk with Shannon, Mark and James.Ross said he’s worried James and Mark have a final two alliance.
7:15 PM BBT Marissa and Ross compare notes on each of their conversations with Mark, James and Shannon. Ross said he feels like fight between Shannon and Omarosa is fake. That their final two alliance is still on. Marissa asked Ross to let her know if his decision for nominations changes. Ross said she would know prior to ceremony. Marissa agrees to not make waves until then and to tow the line on Keshia being target. Marissa mentions tweeting last night. Ross and Marissa enter bedroom with Shannon, Mark and James. Marissa is asked if she knows Matt Wies. She is confused on who he is. Now they are talking about movies and tv. James is talking about series Sinners. In the Tiffany room, Ross, Brandi and Ariadna discuss working with someone that called them racist. Ariadna and Brandi go to bathroom. Keshia and Omarosa are in kitchen. Omarosa mentioned that she walked in on three different conversations. Keshia is preparing food. In the bedroom Mark said Keshia was trying to play social game but not as well as Omarosa
7:30 PM BBT James said he was fine with Metta in the game and discuss what to do if one of the two nominations wins the POV. Replacement nomination would be Metta. Ross asked if its ok to fill in Marissa on their talk. All HGS leave room. Omarosa and Metta are in bedroom for a moment. Ross, Ari and Keshia are in kitchen. Ari is talking about facial and fine lines and Keshia agreed. Metta enters kitchen, Mark enters kitchen. Shannon goes to check bedroom for her water. Omarosa and Metta are in washroom. Metta is taking shower, Omarosa her makeup. All other HGS are in kitchen. Random discussions between them. Brandi is called to DR. More indiscriminate talking in kitchen. Hgs are eating. Omarosa enters kitchen as well.
7:45 PM BBT food is being served and HGS are sitting and having random conversations. Some mention of beef stroganoff. Ross gets second serving of food. Keshia offers steak. They call Metta to the table. Omarosa tells them he is finishing in shower. Marissa is talking about crock pot steak and something “egg- planty”. Omarosa suggests a Big Brother cookbook. Guests list their contributions to the book. Shannon says she wouldn’t have many contributions but that protein shakes could be in there. Ross said 10 minutes, Marissa said to Keshia she doesn’t know how things are made, she only knows how to eat them. Guests applaud BB announcement of ‘ You’ve got to be kidding me” in response to Marks comment that something in the house could be unhealthy. More idle chatter. Omarosa is asking who had been to DR already. Shannon tells Mark, eggplant is in oven. Mark chats with Omarosa.
8:00 Pm BBT The backyard has been opened Mark is trying to light the fireplace. Shannon has been asked to help assist with the turning on of the fireplace.Ross is talking to Mark about Shannon wanting Keisha out. Mark is telling her that it doesn’t matter they have the numbers. Marissa has joined them, Mark stated if they can pull it off it will be the biggest move in BB history. He states that everyone thinks we are floating
8:15 PM BBT Metta has joined them in the backyard, the talking changes to who is going to do laundry. Ross is telling them about a game that he played. 2 things are true 1 is a lie. Metta is now telling them 2 truths and a lie. All HGS but Omarosa and Keisha are in the backyard. Mark is leaving the backyard to go the DR. Omarosa is in the washroom putting her makeup on. Brandi is now telling 2 truths and a lie. Marissa is now up. The conversation is just on general topics. Shannon is now telling 2 truths and a lie.
8:30 AM BBT Meanwhile in the washroom Omarosa is still applying makeup. All cameras go to the backyard. Cameras go back to the washroom where Omarosa and Keisha are talking. Keisha leaves to get products to wash her hair. Omarosa asks Big Brother if she could be called next into the DR She promises to be ready. Back in the backyard Metta is now taking a turn at the game. Ari is now taking a turn at the game. Metta has been called to the DR. The conversation now goes to Botox Ross is saying he has never had it. He asks Brandi if it hurts. They are now playing Ends in Balls. Brandi states that can go either naughty or nice.
8:45 AM BBT Brandi says seeing as how you all don’t want to play Balls I have another game but Ross and Mark are not letting her explain it by talking over her. They are now going over days as they are all there but Omarosa and Keisha. Feeds go to fish. Feeds come back and they are still going over the days and what happened. Meanwhile in the washroom Omarosa is looking at herself in the mirror Keisha is getting ready to jump in the shower. Omarosa is getting dressed in the bathroom downstairs. Metta is out of the DR and comes out wearing a furry blanket, his panda beanie, and panda hat. He tells Mark, Shannon, James, Ross, Marissa, Ari that is what he wore during his DR session. They all laugh. In the downstairs bathroom, Keshia is in the shower changing. KESHIA! PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE! She tells production that she is naked and changing clothes. Omarosa adds that they are not even talking. Keshia finishes changing and walks out of the shower. KESHIA! THANK YOU! Keshia is shocked. Mark, Metta, James, Ari, Brandi and Marissa are in the BY talking Omarosa tells Keshia that the prednisone is making her shake. She says that she is going straight to bed after this. The houseguests are doing DRs tonight.
9:00 PM BBT Keshia is having a hard time blow drying her hair. The blow drying doesn’t have helps straighten her hair. In the BY, Metta is talking to Shannon about the live feeds. He asking her about what watching the live feeds online is like. Shannon is clearly a super fan because she knows exactly what the live feeds look like. She tells Metta the live feeds five you four camera views and that production chooses which out of all the cameras in the house has the most interesting thing happening on it. Metta seems shocked and he asks her if you can hear them talking clearly and she tells him yes we are wearing mics. Metta says that is so weird. Conversation in the backyard changes to Metta and Mark asking Ross about drag. He tells them that drag is not about gender or trying to pass as a woman. Ari pipes in that drag is about becoming a character. Ross agrees. ARIADNA! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! She tells Brandi she doesn’t understand why production will only give them one bottle of wine. Ross asks Brandi, Marissa, and Mark what the first thing that they will do when get out of the house.
9:15 PM BBT James is super excited to use the hot tub. It seems like it is his first time having to operate the hot tub. Shannon is sleeping in the backyard. Marissa, Brandi, and Ross are talking about the “Beauty Queen Game.” Marissa and Brandi discuss how that is not really cool. Metta joins James in the hot tub. Ross, Marissa, and Brandi are talking about Shannon’s coconut oil popcorn. Marissa and Ross start talking louder to try to get Shannon to wake up and go make it for them. Shannon is really sleeping because she doesn’t move. James and Metta are talking about looking at the Big Brother house from a drone. James tells him that he knows exactly where they are in L.A. They start talking about how they probably shouldn’t talk about where they are. Metta says shoot if we can’t get out then the world definitely can’t get in. James says that there is so much security there. They start talking about money and James brings up how someone blew through all of there money by taking thirty people to breakfast lunch and dinner everyday.
9:30 PM BBT Metta and James are still hanging out in the hot tub talking. Ross, Brandi, Mark, Ari, and Marissa are hanging out in the BY talking about random stuff. Shannon is sleeping on the couch in the BY. Shannon is awake and joins the others in conversation. Ross asks them if they think the cameras are on them or James and Metta in the hot tub. They all laugh. He says we are over debating chap sticks while they are shirtless.Marissa asks Shannon if she will go make her Coconut Popcorn. Marissa says that they should all go on a field trip to the kitchen to watch Shannon make it so they can learn.
9:45 PM BBT Shannon and Marissa go inside. They are making the popcorn. Ari tells Keshia that she is going to hide the owl from Metta. Keshia tells her that is a horrible idea. She says Metta is going to freak out. Ari is sneaky and wants to take something from each person and hide it from them to mess with them. Metta and James both are getting out of the hot tub. Ross is going to the bathroom in the HOH bathroom and Brandi walks in. She tells him that she has to go to the bathroom. He walks out and he asks Brandi if she thinks it is really that smart to evict someone in their own alliance. They are talking about backdooring Shannon this week. Brandi tells him that she thinks it is and that it would not matter as long as she actually was evicted. James tell Ross and Marissa that the movie Superbad kept him and his friends from going to “juvie.” Shannon takes the popcorn outside to everyone. Omarosa and Shannon are cleaning up the kitchen.
10:00 PM BBT Qmarosa is in the kitchen at the sink cleaning. Mark, Keshia, Ross, James, Marissa and Omarosa are sitting outside. James is giving the others speech techniques.
10:15 PM BBT Shannon says that she read somewhere in the rule book that if it came down to a tie. America would break it. Ross asks for Shannon to tell him the time. James begins to tell a story about the Fourth of July and his friends. He said there were hundreds of people there. He said his friend had a truck with over a dozen illegal firearms in it from overseas. The camera goes to the gray and black room. Keshia is in there doing her hair talking to meta. She is getting ready for bed. Meta is in bed eating celery.
10:30 PM BBT meta is going to sleep. Keshia is laughing at meta. Meta says that he always wonders who’s watching. He wonders if it’s people overseas. Keshia says that sometimes the camera will nod to answer questions. Meta tells Keshia that he has spent more time there with her than some of his family. Brandi and Ari come in while walking to the Blue room to fold up clothes. Ari suggest that they stay up two more hours. Brandi ask ari what she thinks will happen tomorrow at the competition. Brandi says that Shannon is acting really weird. Ari says they need to get rest for the live show.
10:45 PM BBT Brandi asks Ari if Ross will pick Marissa over them. Brandi says that Marissa plays all sides of the house. She states that Ross does too so hopefully they are safe. Marissa comes in to tell them that Ross wants to talk to them. Omarosa talks about meeting her husband. Shannon talks about an acting class she took one time where she had to act homeless. She says that the assignment was to play a character in public. She said she decided to act homeless.
11:00 PM BBT Omarosa talks about having children. She says she is thinking about hiring a surrogate for her baby. She says that she is exploring all options. Omarosa says that she has worked as a substitute and kids are allergic to more things than they were forty years ago. She states that one of her kids in her classroom was allergic to glue. Omarosa mentions that she is going to go on the road to tour. Omarosa says she needs natural remedies for sickness since does a lot of hugging and kissing to supporters. Omarosa says that she hopes people see a different side of her on the show to not be a villain like other shows have. Omarosa talks about her mother not being able to do some things. The camera switches to the Tiffany room. Ross is talking to Marissa and Brandi about needing to use the veto. Ross mentions taking Keshia out of the veto competition followed by James. Marissa says that she will take out Shannon and then James. Ross is telling Marissa she needs to convince the others to throw the veto and hoh.
11:15 PM BBT Ross tells her to tell him that the alliance of six will come after him. Ross left the room. Now Marissa is telling Brandi and Ari that Shannon has the perfect social game. Marissa says that Shannon lied about getting chuck voted out. Omarosa talks to them about why she enjoys playing golf. James says that he would never have time to golf. Back in the blue room they’re agreeing that Ross needs to see people a different way
11:30 PM BBT Omarosa tells mark that he needs to join a country club. James says that he wants to learn how to play golf well enough to play for charities. Omarosa says that he will be in high demand. Back in the blue room Marissa Brandi and Ari are talking about backdooring Omarosa. Omarosa mentions that the fbi can see everything on your background check. She says some of the most accomplished people have domestic violence issues. Omarosa is talking about her time in show business.
11:45 PM BBT mark says that while he was on ET he had to talk about what was in demand. She says that she is click bait. Omarosa says that there are no African Americans in the cabinet other than her and Ben Carson. Omarosa says that she put in her letter of resignation. Omarosa says overseas they pay you for interviews. Omarosa says that she loves to negotiate. She says that some networks will pay thousands of dollars to use your photos to compensate celebrities. Ross is speaking about trying to get James vote. Omarosa asks them if they keep up with the sales of their albums and movies

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