Danielle Staub -‘Please Don’t Taint Bisexuals’

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“Real Housewives of New Jersey” Danielle Staub was a recent guest in the clubhouse on “Watch What Happens Live”. During her appearance, host Andy Cohen asked her, “Do you consider yourself bisexual Danielle?” She studdered a response, “I don’t think you… Yes, I am bisexual; but do I want any part of that now? No. I am in love with my Marty; he is my man.”

The last time any tabloid spoke of Danielle’s sexuality was in 2010!! Danielle said, “I’ve had six relationships with women, and I will tell you women kiss better than men. That’s very, very true. I remember every one of them. I don’t really like labels. I’m trying to keep that part of my life as private as possible. Let’s just say I’m interested in sexuality. When I’m ready to say it officially, I’ll be sure to put you on the list of people that should know.” A standard response from many people who believe they are bisexual. The word bisexual has a vast definition in 2017. There are some people who dabble around with the same sex but usually they tend to go back to the opposite sex. Bisexuality is really expressing your sexuality and no one should be ashamed for doing so. Many like it because they can have sexual pleasures but know it isn’t long term. It seems when a tabloid gets this type of information on someone it is used more so for “click bait”.

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Do you care if Danielle has dived into the lady pool? Do you find it offensive for people to even concern themselves with and discuss her sexuality? Will it make her look bad? Will it make her look courageous? Love to know your thoughts!

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