Dark Times Ahead For This Is Us

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Actress Mandy Moore, who portrays Rebecca Pearson on the television show, This Is Us, is warning viewers that the next three episodes are about to “get darker” as each episode will focus on one of each of “The Big Three” during their darkest moments in their teen years.

Each of the next three episodes are titled Number One (this is Kevin’s episode), Number Two (Kate’s), and Number Three (Randall’s).”[Their] teen years was also the era that their dad, Jack… passed away, viewers will experience the family’s dark times in the flashback sequences.”










Moore informed E! News that “[t]here’s darkness coming” & that “The next three episodes are sort of a trilogy of sorts and they go to some deeply darkly places.”

She advises that viewers need to be patient as there will be “bigger payoffs” later in the season. She says that viewers will be able to see and feel the raw emotions that are about to be revealed.










Viewers only know that Jack Pearson died and that Rebecca eventually ended up marrying Miguel, Jack’s best friend. The only way we know he has died is from the episode when Kate introduced Toby to Jack’s ashes. We can surmise that he died via a fire as season one ended with Rebecca pulling up to the Pearson family home with Jack’s personal effects. When she pulls up, we can see that the house is now a burnt shell.

If you are sentimental like me, I would suggest having tissues handy during the next three episodes and hopefully, this will give us insight into how these three came to be the adults that they are today.

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