iClick-TV Exclusive: Big Brother Alliance sells out!

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iClick-TV Exclusive: Big Brother Alliance sells out!

Kevin, Jason (Whistlenut)  Ramses, Michelle Costa and your boy Josh have joined another alliance! The boys are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner tonight and all money raised goes to charity.

iClick-TV had the pleasure today to speak with Josh, Kevin, Jason & Ramses. Tonight they will be on hand to serve, entertain, and greet their fans. Tickets have sold out already! Kevin’s Thanksgiving Dinner is taking place in Bridgewater Massachusetts. All funds raised will go to Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles. A state-wide non-profit support network for families and families-to-be of multiple births. They work with volunteers to a ‘pay it forward’ philosophy allowing their mission to steadily expand and meet the needs of their growing membership.

Call Now: 888-566-5461
 It should be no surprise to the fans, that the boys are so involved with the community. We applaud you guys, thanks for taking the time and effort to give back this Holiday season. Now the question is…Will Josh be walking around and shouting “I have a big heart!”? This time everyone will see it, you guys are incredible. 
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