“KUWTK” Kim Kardashian’s Newest Bedroom Picture

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Kim Kardashian’s newest bedroom picture has lit up social media since Friday. Kim posted an Instagram photo titled “Rise & Grind” as she lies in a semi-dark room, semi-nude on her bed.

Twitter fans immediately posted mostly positive comments like “giiirrlll that bodyyy thooooo ��”

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While another fan says, “Excuse me, Kim, I’m at work please.”

Sister, Khloe Kardashian, even commented jokingly, “Now you’re showing off!!”
The 37-year-old mother of two knows how to turn up the Twitter and Instagram heat on what was a quiet Kardashian moment. Kim received over 1 million likes on Instagram in only one hour and 3.2 million likes after one day. You go girl!”

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