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It is no secret that Mariah Carey’s weight has fluctuated for years. In fact, following the birth of her twins in 2011, she lost weight on the Jenny Craig diet plan by focusing on her diet. According to sources close to Carey, she had been indulging in cocktails and dinners with her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka which resulted in excess pounds.
However, according to Page Six, the 47-year-old Grammy winner recently underwent gastric sleeve surgery after being body shamed and years of yo-yo dieting. The publication alleges that the songstress became “self-conscious about her curves.” Sources close to Carey state that she started getting a lot of criticism lately about her increase in weight. Carey was also motivated to lose weight after noticing the extra pounds she gained which made it harder for her to dance during performances.


A source told Entertainment Tonight about Carey, “She always fluctuates an it makes her upset.” “She lives in denial about it. She always has the tags cut out of clothes, so she can be blissfully unaware of her size.”
The decision to have Gastric sleeve surgery is a drastic and sometimes last resort for those whose health is at issue due to their weight. It reduces the amount of food allowed into the stomach, making the patient feel fuller faster so that they consume less.

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Sources tell Entertainment Tonight “She’s happy with this new chapter in her life.” After her drastic decision to undergo the surgery, she also parted ways with her outspoken manager of three years, Stella Bulochnikov. Another part of Mariah’s new beginning is wrapping up her Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace and moving on to The Venetian in March of 2018. Apparently, Carey has signed a two-year deal contingent upon how well the show does in the first year in Las Vegas.

As long as Ms. Mariah is happy, we support her in her new journey to better health. But do you think Carey was heavy enough to undergo such a major surgery to lose weight? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Written by Kyla Kramer

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