Mariah Carey’s Boyfriend Takes Over

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It’s being reported Mariah Carey’s boyfriend of one year, Bryan Tanaka, has taken over as her manager and household, including her bank account. It’s rumored Mariah’s spending is out of control. Supposedly, Tanaka is the one spending all of the money.

Mariah’s inner circle is worried now since Tanaka has fired her manager of many years. Mariah’s now ex-manager, Stella Bulochnikov, helped Mariah in securing many great financial and lucrative deals, to include Mariah’s Las Vegas show. Tanaka has no experience in managing a star like Mariah and has allegedly canceled her Christmas concert dates.

It is also alleged that Tanaka is buying thousands of dollars in Christmas gifts with Mariah’s money. Mariah has not addressed any of the issues thus far and may not be bothered by it at this point. Is her bank account in danger of being drained by her new beau? Is she paying attention or being blinded by love? Time will tell.

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Written by Cheryl S.

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