“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” S10 E10 Recap

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"Million Dollar Listing Los Angelos" S10 E10 Recap

Hello fellow Bravo junkies! Jen here with the episode recap (S10E10) of “Million Dollar Listing New York”. In this episode, Josh Flagg is still reeling from his rough patch with his fiancée Bobby. Instead of apologizing, Josh has thrown himself into his work and decided to team up with the British dynamic duo to take on a listing from a possibly drunk/Insane/Gypsy (shes like Esmeralda from Hunchback of Norte dam pretty)/Chain Smoking/Casual Swearing, lady who needs to sell her house quickly. She clearly has bills to pay and things to do.

“Other Josh” (Altman) is still reeling himself. He literally just had a baby. Good for them, I didn’t think they would make it at one point and I’m pleased. Josh is back in the game and he’s got quite the wealthy client from China to deal with. We’ll see if timezone differences and negotiations will land the deal swiftly.

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Tracy has hitched her star to the one and only Frederik Ecklund from “Million Dollar Listing New York”, to see what she can do with him professionally. He’s putting her through her paces, making her truly earn her “high kick” of approval from him. Although he made it pretty fun. She’s a great salesman, I won’t lie.

Back in insane/gypsy/Josh/British invasion land, there’s an offer on the table and the boys have figured out that Josh literally needed this deal as a part time break so he can do wedding stuff with Bobby. As annoying as that is, Josh with hi typical pomp and circumstance, had his personal tailor come in and fit the Brit’s with custom suits for the upcoming nuptials. Once again Mr. Flagg avoids rolling up his Gucci sleeves and comes out of this predicament smelling like a rose.

Josh Altman gave his wife a pretty necklace with their baby’s name on it and the episode paused for break with a possible $22 million offer on the table for the massive estate he’s trying to push. He met with the brokers and I literally watched a grown man rip up a $22 million check on national TV. I nearly wept. We close the episode with the Chinese businessman offering a final offer of $25 million, 30 day closing, and a commission more than any money I’ll ever personally see in my life.

Tracey, back in New York, is up against the big boys in NYC. She’s got no team, but plenty of chutzpah and the old money club has granted her another interview to possibly list an insane property in NYC.

Crazy/gypsy/drunken/Esmeralda/Anna, I finally caught her name, got her phone disconnected. Apparently she really needs the money you guys. She shows up with a bleached Mohawk to meet the boys at lunch. She previously had long black hair, so she’s clearly even keeled and stable. She loses her mind over the fairly small offer she’s received on her home but agrees to play ball. Josh calms her down and she offers her eggs, like her LITERAL eggs in her body to Josh Flagg as a wedding present. SPOILER, he didn’t want them. They close on a $3.1 million offer and everyone is thrilled.

All in all, this was a feel good, blah, maybe even boring episode. Business got done and everyone went home with their participation trophy for the week. It’s good though. You can’t have insane episodes every week. This was a nice reprieve.

Thanks y’all for reading/watching along with me. I’ll see you next week!

Written by Jennifer C

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