MLB Player Busted with 500k Worth of Cocaine!

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Esteban Loaiza, an ex MLB All-Star pitcher, was arrested on February 9th in a huge drug bust. He was arrested with at least 44 pounds of cocaine. You can say he is a major league drug dealer.  He was dealing drugs from his home in San Diego, which was only steps away from a preschool.  The cops said he was using sophisticated devices to conceal the drugs. The San Diego Sheriff Department said he was busted during a drug-smuggling sting by the Border Crime Suppression Team.

Originally Esteban was pulled over for a minor traffic violation, but while searching they found a “sophisticated aftermarket compartment” used to conceal the drugs. The cops obtained a search warrant for his home which was near a preschool, he’s been renting the house since early February. They allegedly uncovered 20 kilos of cocaine with a street value of $500k. Esteban was booked into the San Diego County jail with 3 felonies.

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Possession of over 20 kilos of cocaine, possession of cocaine for sale, and for transportation of cocaine.

Sadly, Esteban is the second-winningest pitcher from Mexico in MLB history. He played for 8 different teams in his career and earning over $43 million. The last team he was with were the White Sox in 2008, he was an Allstar with the White Sox in the2003-2004 season.

Currently, his bail is set at $200k.

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