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 RHOC - Beadodded!

Women, we are unusual creatures. One year, we’re at each other’s throats with disgust. The next year, we miraculously become fantastic friends! Women sometimes bond over similar experiences. This seems to be the case with Shannon and Kelly. They were both miserable in their marriages, taking out their anger on anyone they could. They felt trapped in their unhappy marriages. They were both uncertain how to cope with their feelings of unhappiness, which seemed to build with each passing day.

Shannon and Kelly have bonded since leaving their husbands. It is great they are coming together. Viewers have seen the strong disgust these two ladies had towards each other through the last few seasons.

Call Now: 888-566-5461

Shannon and Kelly are hitting up the single scene together. Through the grapevine, David is not happy with Shannon hanging out with Kelly. Why? It’s pretty simple, he just doesn’t like her. Sorry David, you no longer have a say in what Shannon does. Hopefully, Shannon going out with Kelly will help build her self-confidence. The more time they spend together, they will both be able to see each other’s positive attributes and not the negatives they have focused on in the past. Let’s give Shannon and Kelly our support in this time of transformation.

The relationship between Shannon and Kelly may not last long. While it does, hopefully they enjoy it to the fullest. I wonder if Tamra is getting jealous of this new found friendship? What is Vicki thinking? What are your thoughts?

P.S. Shannon, you need to change your expression on your Instagram! You aren’t “Wife of a wonderful husband” anymore. 😀

Written by Esmeralda

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