“RHONJ” Canceled or Just on Hold?!

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"RHONJ" Canceled or Just on Hold?!

Oh no, RHONJ on hold or possible cancellation say it ain’t so! There have been rumors out there that production is on hold until the housewives get their sh*t together, they want the show to be different, it was said that production told them to get “the show out of the gutter” and to clean up their acts before Season 9 begins filming. Filming was supposed to begin on February 1st.

Siggy Flicker quit the show after season 8 amidst all the fighting with Margaret Josephs, and no one has been hired to replace her as of yet. Is Siggy replaceable? Ha, I think not!

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"RHONJ" Canceled or Just on Hold?!

Bravo has made it clear to Teresa, Melissa, and Delores that they want a better season with a new woman or women, but they haven’t found one yet. Melissa at one point was campaigning for the new housewife to be John legends’ wife Chrissy Teigen. My source revealed that it’s just “Ridiculous”!

Teresa allegedly is desperate for money, so she’s freaking out and needs production to start soon for a payday. With Joe still in prison and no pay coming they’re hit hard.

It was said that with Siggy quitting and no one hired to take her place they put production on hold and was threatening to cancel the show.

What are your thoughts or feelings on the possibility of no more Jersey housewives? Who is your choice for Siggy’s replacement?

Let’s get our sh*t together girls, and an attitude check before the only check you’ll be getting is a canceled one!

Written by Rosa C

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