“RHONJ”: Sisters on Honesty!

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"RHONJ": Sisters on Honesty!

The feud with Teresa and Melissa has been an ongoing live show for the Bravo watchers for some time. Since Teresa was released from jail, it seems the sisters are coming to a common ground this season. In an interview with Daily Dish, Melissa spoke about how she was shocked Teresa was so open about Joe, and her mother’s passing; Melissa admitted, “I was in shock that she said it out loud. It’s not the usual. It’s not the norm for her, but I think it’s doing a lot of good for her.” Melissa also states Teresa is very open about this situation in her new book, “Standing Strong.” Teresa is usually mum to her feelings about her husband, but she isn’t holding back her feelings now. Melissa believes she will stay married to Joe, but as we all know, life can change in a blink of an eye. So we will see.

Teresa has stated in several interviews of how her recent past has been a nightmare. In her book, “Standing Strong,” she writes how her husband made “such a massive mess” of their finances “that it makes the Exxon Valdez oil spill seem like a glass of spilled red wine.” She also states, “I’m about to get very real. More than I ever have before. No holding back. No glossing over. No smiling through the pain. I’m digging deep, opening up, and putting it all out there. I’m spilling my true feelings about what’s gone down in the last couple of years; It’s my time to speak up.” So healthy to look at life this way. In the end, she will look back and be fortunate she spoke honestly to the public. She has been through a tremendous amount of stress in the public eye, which situations like these, are usually in private.

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Now the sisters are running a restaurant with Melissa’s husband, Joe, who is Teresa’s brother. Teresa has a lot going on: her mommy duties, her books and now the restaurant. Do you think she has time to think of her husband? I guess when he emails her she does. It seems the emails are not happy ones, just checking up on her to see if she is cheating. Teresa states, “Like Frank Sinatra, my husband did it his way. And look where it got us. So there I sat on that particular Sunday at 4:00 a.m. in the ER waiting room with my dad, reading Joe’s email from late Saturday night, just a few hours before, asking me in a not-so-polite way where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing at that moment. Was he f—ing kidding me? Well, honey, here are the answers to your email: On Saturday, I woke up at 7:00 a.m. to get our girls ready for their various activities and spent the next hour driving them around and dropping them off at what felt like a million different places. Soccer, cheerleading, dance – the usual.”

Do you think Teresa should stay with Joe? Do you think she wants too? How do you think this will affect their daughters and the rest of the family? In due time, we will all see what will happen.

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