Selena Gomez Visits Her Childhood Home

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Selena Gomez recently decided to visit her childhood home in Grand Prarie, Texas. Selena lived in the house from birth until the age of 13. She shared the heart touching moment and thoughts with fans via Instagram.

The 25-year-old singer wanted to take a glimpse inside; however, the current residents weren’t home when she knocked. Despite the disappointment, Selena did take the opportunity to snap a photo of herself on the steps of her former home.

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Selena mentioned that she tries to visit Grand Prairie as often as possible. She even thinks her life could have been better if she remained in Texas and stated, “I love you, Grand Prairie. Thank you.” These were surprising comments to some considering her career success and rekindled involvement with Justin Bieber. However, Selena did encounter serious health issues recently.

The singer moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to start her now successful career in the entertainment industry.

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