Sir Elton John’s Mother, Sheila Farebrother, Passes Away

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Sir Elton John's Mother, Sheila Farebrother, Passes Away To lose your mother is an awful feeling. To lose your mother, after only recently reconciling with her, must be absolutely devastating. That must be how Sir Elton John is feeling after his beloved mother, Sheila Farebrother, passed away Sunday evening. Mother and son hadn’t been terribly close for over 9 years, only settling their estrangement just 6 months ago. Elton was in Barcelona, Spain when he learned of his mother’s passing. He posted on his Facebook account, “So sad to say that my mother passed away this morning. I only saw her last Monday and I am in shock. Travel safe Mum. Thank you for everything. I will miss you so much. Love, Elton”.

It was his mother who was the driving force in Elton’s career. She sat young Reginald Dwight, better known as Elton John, down at the piano at age 3. She loved music and would bring home American records, such as Elvis Presley and Bill Haley, for her son to listen to. Elton was not close to his natural father, Stanley Dwight. Stanley never wanted his son to go into music. Instead, he wanted him take up a normal job, such as banking or becoming a civil servant. Elton’s parents divorced when he was young. Later his mother remarried John Farebrother. She and her new husband continued to encourage Elton to write music. They helped Elton get a job in a pub when he was only 15 years old.

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Sir Elton John's Mother, Sheila Farebrother, Passes Away

Elton’s mother had always been a constant source of support throughout his career. The one thing she didn’t support was his marriage to David Furnish, believing Furnish was trying to control her Reggie. Elton’s mother made a statement to the Daily Mirror that she had been told she was a grandmother after the birth of Elton’s sons, Elijah and Zachary. Due to a few, very public fights, Elton’s mother said her son hated her. Despite their estrangement, Elton continued to take care of his mother, even paying for her double hip replacement.

The reconciliation began when Elton learned his mother had hired an Elton John impersonator to help celebrate her 90th birthday in March 2015. It was then that Elton reached out to his mother for the first time since 2008, sending her an arrangement of white orchids.

Sir Elton John's Mother, Sheila Farebrother, Passes Away

Much to both their happiness, Elton and his mother began working to rebuild their relationship. Finally, Elton tweeted that they had reconnected this past May, just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day. Sir Elton tweeted, “So happy we are back in touch. Love, Elton.” He was able to spend time with his mother just a week ago.

Sheila Farebrother died in West Sussex, Great Britain, where she lived. She was 92.

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"To be honest, I'm just winging far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda












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