Suki Waterhouse Set To Be Mary Brunner

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Sukie Waterhouse, an actress known for Insurgent & a model, is preparing for a new movie role. She is going to be portraying Mary Brunner in the upcoming movie Charlie Says. The movie delves into the lives & events of infamous cult leader & three of his followers following the vicious murder of Sharon Tate & 6 others in 1969.

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Waterhouse is set to depict Mary Brunner, who is the mother of one of Manson’s sons, Valentine Michael Manson. Part of Waterhouse’s preparations for the role is to abstain from shaving. She told Vogue, “I’m growing all my leg hair out. I really don’t mind it, I’ve done it lazily before. This is an opportunity to grow my chin hair out.”

Brunner was one of the original followers of Manson & his cult. Brunner was in jail at the time of the Tate massacre. In 1971, Brunner & Manson’s “family” robbed a “surplus store” to stockpile weapons & had a ludicrous plan to hijack a commercial airliner. They had planned on bartering the hostages for Manson’s release from prison. However, it never came to fruition because the police arrived at the store where a shootout ensued. Brunner & co-conspirators were arrested. Bruner went to prison & was released in 1971.

Charlie Says is one of three movies coming out in the wake of the 50th anniversary of the heinous murder of Sharon Tate & friends. Famed director Quentin Tarantino is also working on a Charles Manson movie.

There is one person who is not happy about any of the movies coming out. That is Sharon Tate’s younger sister, Debra. Debra describes the movies as “tasteless & classless.” She expressed to People, “It doesn’t matter who it is acting in it – it’s just tasteless. It’s classless how everyone is rushing to release something for the 50th anniversary of this horrific event.”

No matter Debra’s feelings, the world, for better or worse, seems fascinated with Charles Manson. Since Manson died in November of 2017, it is no wonder there are movies being made. Each movie will have its own take on what transpired. I am sure there will be “some artistic license” taken as well. Which seems to be par for the course for Hollywood. Here is wishing Suki Waterhouse the best in portraying Mary Brunner.

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Suki Waterhouse photos courtesy of Facebook. Mary Brunner are courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine

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