Tabatha Coffey Back to Bravo with New Show!

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Tabatha Coffey Back to Bravo with New Show!

It’s been awhile since Tabatha Coffey had a show on Bravo. That being said, Tabatha is back! Her new show, “Relative Success with Tabatha”, will premiere Wednesday, January 17 at 10 pm est.

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No, Tabatha is not rescuing hair salons this time. Instead she is focused on helping “family-run companies in an effort to help them survive and thrive for generations to come”. Each episode a “family business will follow Tabatha’s lead for three weeks as she tries to get to the root of their family drama. Tabatha will try to get these families to put their pasts behind them and move forward toward a better and brighter future at home and at work”.

Check out a sneak peak

What are your thoughts of Tabatha’s new show? Are you glad to see her back on Bravo?

Written by Tilly Tinson

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