TAR News: Get Ready for Season 30 of The Amazing Race!

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TAR News: Get Ready for Season 30 of The Amazing Race!
Are you ready to race around the world? This season marks “The Amazing Race” 30th season as one of CBS’s hit reality shows. Some big changes will be made to the format of the show. “The Amazing Race” will be premiering Wednesday,  January 3, 2018, lasting approximately 7 weeks. Each episode will air on Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS. It will also stream on CBS All Access. I believe “The Amazing Race” is taking a play from “Survivor” when they made the switch during “Survivor: Nicaragua”. Since then the ratings have steadily been climbing.

Each weeks episode will be double in length. This means viewers will technically get 2 episodes per week on one night.

What hasn’t changed is there will be 12 legs to the race and 11 teams racing around the world for $1 million. One of the teams racing is Jessica and Cody. These two were in the 19th season of “Big Brother”, where they fell in love inside the house. Since returning to civilization, they are still together, tied at the hip, and ready to compete together in “The Amazing Race”.

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Remember, “The Amazing Race” season 30 will be on Wednesdays instead of Fridays starting at 8/7c only on CBS and streaming live on CBS All Access.

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