Teen Mom 2 Star Briana Dejesus Recovering From Mommy Make Over Surgery!

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Teen Mom 2 Star, Briana Dejesus is currently recovering from a procedure done by the famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Miami, reports E! News. The mother of now 2 gave birth about 7 months prior, and treated herself to a “mommy makeover “.

According to Dejesus ‘s Instagram, she posted a pic of her and Dr. Miami captioning it as “Can’t wait to see the final results in a few weeks,❤” . “#newbodywhodis.”

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So what does a “mommy makeover “ procedure entail? According to the doctor himself, he explained:”I did a tummy tuck, a breast lift with an implant exchange because she did have implants from before—she wanted to be smaller, higher and perkier—so we changed her implants out for smaller ones,” Dr. Miami revealed to E! News exclusively. “And we also did some contouring and reshaping of her booty, of her shape overall. We did that, I think it was a week ago Monday.”

As exciting as Briana’s new adventure is, it was part of the reason she recently broke up with her boyfriend at the time Javi Marroquin. According to Dejesus, Marroquin was not supportive of her decision to get any plastic surgery in the first place, and also with other issues, the couple has drifted apart.

Briana looks forward to being a mother and anticipating the results after her procedure has healed.

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