“Vanderpump Rules”: “Call me Jason” And the Issue with Jax and His Selective Intimacy!

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"Vanderpump Rules": “Call me Jason” And the Issue with Jax and His Selective Intimacy!

Hey Y’all, back here writing after another episode of Vanderpump Rules. Another doozy for sure, and lots to discuss, but I’m going to go ahead and focus on my favorite little sociopath Jax “call me Jason” Taylor.

Guys, I’m done, for reals this time. *sets a white flag on fire and dies every time there’s a false promise to Brittany being made*

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He’s so likable and it’s beyond annoying ; you root for him EVERY SEASON; there’s a brief-inevitable Joie de vivre moment where we really think he’s really going to turn it around, and not only does he break your heart, but you feel absolutely gross afterword because every time we felt we’ve literally watched this man hit, punch, and kick rock bottom, (shirtless, in a parking lot, ripping off his chunky cable knit sweater at Stassi’s birthday party) there’s a new bottom no one was aware of and it’s made us all a little dirtier for liking him.

So last week the Toms treated Jax to a Reiki session. It all went well Everyone got to meditate and talk about stressful things going on in their lives. Tom and Tom had legit things to vent, but Jax had to take it ALL the way home with tears and speaking about the enormous fraud that he is, and all the dead relationships he leaves in his path as he continues to skip through life, only looking at these corpses through his bizarre rear view mirror.

"Vanderpump Rules": “Call me Jason” And the Issue with Jax and His Selective Intimacy!

I guess for me, the big conundrum is; Why is Jax selective with his feelings? Why do we only see him being raw and honest; but not with the folks you’d imagine him being intimate with? Like his mother, Brittany, or anyone of that sort? Why the random Reiki girl from a spa in West Hollywood? Why did he absolutely ignore his obligation to work an event for LVP, only to slip through the door an hour late with no real reason or apology, and in fact, had a very rude exchange with Lisa because “ he was getting a haircut.”

It seems the folks that are the closest to him get the worst of him; those who see him as the shiny, brand new, charming “Jason” get Jax on his best behavior. Once you pass that short trial period, however, you get a direct bus pass to Brittany town and no spin-off series will get you back go to where you used to be. You do not pass go, and you do not collect $200.Alls you have is your own personal rage for even giving this guy a shot to begin with.

Jax, Jason, whoever he is at this point, needs a break. From us, from himself, from public scrutiny in general. If there’s ever been a textbook case of someone literally needing to “Focus on themselves” its this fella. His terrible relationships will continue to alienate him from anyone that would be a great person in his life, and to those who are already wrapped up in Jax land. He needs this break for them as there are not too many cheerleaders left in Jax town, and I don’t think him cherry picking who gets to see the “real Jax” is the golden ticket to becoming a fully functioning adult.

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